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Ver.18.8 Update

Ver.18.8 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

Version 18.8 has arrived, and it brings stackable Redeemable Material Monsters, increased maximum Monster Box size, a new Story Dungeon chapter, and more!

Redeemable Material Monsters Are Stored as Stacks

Redeemable Material Monsters such as Event Medal - Rainbow are now stored as stacks within the Monster Box.

*Redeemable Material Monsters will no longer be available to add to Favorites or assign as Assists.

*After the update, Redeemable Material Monsters will appear at the top when sorting by CHR.

*Any Redeemable Material Monsters added to Favorites or assigned as Assists will have their settings removed after the update.

*Any Latent Awakening Skills or + Points used on exchangeable monsters will be refunded.

Maximum Monster Box Size Increased

The maximum Monster Box size has been increased from 9,000 to 9,500.

*Players can use 1 Magic Stone to add 5 spaces to their Monster Box.

Multiple Drops per Battle in Select Dungeons

Battles that include more than 1 enemy will now have multiple egg and treasure chest drops in select dungeons.

Select Dungeons

2nd of the Month Dungeon

3rd of the Month Dungeon

4th of the Month Dungeon

5th of the Month Dungeon - Tier 2

5th of the Month Dungeon - Tier 3

5th of the Month Dungeon - Tier 4

5th of the Month Dungeon - Tier 5

6th of the Month Dungeon

7th of the Month Dungeon

9th of the Month Dungeon

11th of the Month Dungeon

12th of the Month Dungeon

13th of the Month Dungeon

14th of the Month Dungeon

17th of the Month Dungeon

19th of the Month Dungeon

23rd of the Month Dungeon

New Story Dungeon The Four Guardians: Karin’s Chapter Arrives!

A new chapter for the Story Dungeon series, The Four Guardians arrives! Play the second part of the trilogy, The Four Guardians: Karin’s Chapter now to embark on a new adventure!

See here for more information regarding Karin’s Chapter:

New Awoken Skill Has Been Added

A new Awoken Skill, Cross Attack, has been added!

General Improvements

  • A portion of the “New Effects’ have been modified.

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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