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Ver.19.5 Update

Ver.19.5 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

This update will bring new features such as Battle Records being viewable in the 8-Player Mode results screen and revisions to the Multiplayer menu!

8-Player Mode (PvP) Updates

Adjustments Have Been Made to Auto-Match

Auto-Match games will now begin when there are 30 seconds left and 2 or more players have joined the room.

Battle Records Viewable on the Result Screen

A Battle Record button has been added to the Result screen, allowing players to check the amount of remaining time and the status of their Max Bonuses.

If the player sets the [Opponent Name] button to off in the Result screen, the names of your opponents will be displayed as Puzzle & Dragons.

*If [Option] - [System] - [Record Mode] is set to On, the [Opponent Name] button will not be displayed.

Remaining Time Will Be Displayed After the Dungeon Is Cleared

The remaining time will now be displayed while waiting for the results of other players.

Legacy Event Dungeon Permanently Available in the Room ID Games

Past Event Dungeons that were once available in Auto-Match will be permanently available in Room ID games!

For more information on 8-Player Mode (PvP) Event Dungeon, Valkyrie Cup, see here:

See here for information regarding Android OS compatibility with 8-Player Mode (PvP):

A New Skill Will Be Added That Increases the Attack of Designated Monsters

Monsters with a new Skill that will increase the Attack of designated monsters will be added in the future!

Skill Characteristics

  • The Skill effect will only be applied to monsters that fit the criteria in the Skill description and will not affect the entire team.

  • The Skill can be stacked with Attack Increase Skills that affect the entire team.

  • The skill cannot overwrite the effect of an Enemy Skill that reduces the Attack of the entire team.

  • The status of the effect will be displayed on the monster icon as well as the dialog box that appears when you press and hold the monster icon.

Maximum Monster Box Size Increased

The maximum Monster Box size has been increased to 12,000.

*Players can use 1 Magic Stone to add 5 spaces to their Monster Box.

General Improvements

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.

  • Puzzle & Dragons will only support Android OS versions 7.0 and higher.

See here for more details:


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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