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Ver.19.8 Update

Ver.19.8 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

This update will bring brand new features such a dungeon Rematch button and adjustments to Awoken Skills such as Create Combo Orbs and Super Bonus Attack!

See below for details on the new changes this update will bring!

Players Will Be Able to Move Orbs While Waiting After Clearing 8-Player (PvP) Dungeons

Players will now be able to move orbs while waiting after clearing a 8-Player (PvP) dungeon. This will not affect the player’s score, bonuses, or other players.

See here for information regarding Android OS compatibility with 8-Player Mode (PvP):

Dungeon Rematch Feature Has Been Implemented

Players will be able to play the same dungeon by switching the Rematch button to [ON] from the Enter Dungeon screen. When the Rematch button is turned on, the Floor selection and Helper selection screens will be skipped after the Completion Reward screen, and the Enter Dungeon screen will appear.

Dungeon Rematch will be available when the following conditions are met:

Conditions Regarding Helpers

  • Player has their own monster set as a Helper

  • Helper is automatically selected in a Fixed Team Dungeon

  • Player does not have a Helper selected

Dungeons Available for Dungeon Rematch

Solo-Play Dungeons

8-Player (PvP) Dungeons (Auto-Match only)

3-Player Multiplayer Dungeons (Auto-Match only)

*If the duration of the dungeon being rematched has ended, the Rematch feature will also end.

*One-Time Clear Dungeons will not be eligible for Dungeon Rematch.

*If a player quits or restarts the app, the Dungeon Rematch button will default to its [OFF] state.

Skill Effects Will Be Omitted in Certain Situations

For skills that have multiple effects, portions of the skill which are not activated will have their skill effects omitted.

White Swan War Goddess, Valkyrie - Ciel

Skill: Sacred Feather

Fully recovers HP & bind status → Skill Effect omitted

Removes Orb locks → Skill Effect omitted

Changes Heal, Poison, Jammers & Bombs to Light Orbs → Skill Effect activated

Players Will Now Be Able to Select Up to 8 Latent TAMADRA at a Time

Players will now be able to select up to 8 Latent TAMADRA at a time at the [Extra Enhancements] - [Latent Awakening] screen.

New Awoken Skill Will Be Added

Select Awoken Skills Will Be Adjusted

Select Awoken Skills Text Will Be Adjusted

Players Will Now Be Able to Show the Continue Confirmation Dialog

Continue Confirmation has been added to the [Options] - [System] menu.

Continue Confirmation dialog will be displayed when Continue Confirmation is turned on.

*OFF is the default setting.

Game Over Confirmation has been added to the [Options] - [System] menu.

By setting the Game Over Confirmation to OFF, the player can skip the following reconfirmation dialog from being displayed.

*ON is the default setting.

General Improvements

  • The Monster Box [Change Order] - [Special] button has been renamed to [Useful].

  • Player’s will now be able to set multiple favorites at once through the Monster Box or Edit Team screen through the [Change Order] - [Useful] - [Set Favorites] button.

  • The Monster Box [Change Order] - [Awoken] button has been removed and replaced with a [Group] button.

  • Players will now be able to exchange 9x TAMADRA for a King TAMADRA at the Monster Exchange.

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.

  • To decrease difficulty, the moves of enemies when their HP is low in select dungeons below will be adjusted or eliminated: -Dimension of the Mystic-No Continues -Alt. Dimension of the Mystic-No Continues -Dimension of the Mystic-Continues Allowed -Sanctuary of the Gods


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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