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Ver.20.0 Update

[Update] 7/20: Additional information regarding the ability to delete Puzzle & Dragon accounts in the app has been added.

Ver.20.0 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

This update will bring brand new features such as receiving monsters in the mail in bulk, new Awoken Skills, a new Latent Awakening Skill, and adjustments to Awoken Skills.

See below for details on the new changes this update will bring!

Changes to Story Dungeon Unlocking Conditions

The unlocking conditions for Story Dungeons have been adjusted.


Clearing one chapter will unlock the succeeding chapter

Sonia’s Chapter → Odin’s Chapter → The Four Guardians: Haku’s Chapter


Clearing Sonia’s Chapter will unlock Odin’s Chapter, The Four Guardians: Haku’s Chapter, and Great Witches: Zela’s Chapter

New Awoken Skills

*Monsters with the Change Sub Attribute Awoken Skill will have their Sub Attribute changed in the dungeon. The ATK of the Sub Attribute will be 15% of the Primary Attribute.

*If the monster’s Sub Attribute is the same Attribute as the Awoken Skill, the ATK of the Sub Attribute will increase from 10% to 15%.

*If the monster’s Sub Attribute is different from the Awoken Skill, the ATK of the Sub Attribute will be reduced from 30% to 15% but will be able to receive Attribute multiplier effects such as HP, ATK and RCV from Leader Skills and Skills.

*If a monster does not have a Primary Attribute, its ATK will be reduced to 15%.

Select Awoken Skills Will Be Adjusted

*The Bonus Attack from Awoken Skills do not have damage-piercing or damage-voiding effects.

New Latent Awakening Skill

A new Latent Awakening Skill which deals with both Cloud and Immobility has been added.

*Activating the Bonus Attack Awoken Skill recovers Cloud and Immobility by 5 turns per Awoken Skill.

*Latent TAMADRA (Cloud/Immobility Recovery) will be added to the Monster Exchange after the maintenance on 7/11.

Receive Monsters in Bulk From the Mailbox

Players will be able to receive monsters in bulk from their mailbox screen through [Friend] > [Mail Box/Invites] > [Sort/Receive] > [Receive All].

* Players will be able to receive up to 30 types of monsters through the [Receive All] button.

Press and hold the monster icon to see the monster card in detail.

*The portrayed monster’s status may differ from the monster received.

Players Will Be Able to Remove Players From 3-Player Multiplayer Rooms

Players will be able to remove other players they do not want to play with from 3-Player Multiplayer rooms.

*Only the player who created the room can use this function.

Press the X in the red frame of the player to remove from the room.

Press [Yes] on the confirmation screen and the selected player will be removed.

Screen of the player who was removed from the room.

Players who have been removed from the room may not re-enter the same room.

*Any act of nuisance is prohibited.

Players Will Be Able to Unlink Social Media Accounts With Their Puzzle & Dragons Account Through the App

Players will be able to remove linked Social Media accounts through the [Others] > [Device Change/Social Media Linking] > [Social Media Linking].

*To ensure that the unlinking process works properly, please be sure to unlink the account from the social media account as well.

Players Will Be Able to Delete Their Puzzle & Dragons Accounts Through the App

Due to changes in the App Store Review Guidelines, all apps that allow the creation of accounts are now required to offer a method to delete accounts in the app as well. In order to comply, we have added the ability for players to delete their accounts.

Players will be able to delete their Puzzle & Dragons account through [Others] > [Delete Account].

[Delete Account] will delete all game data including purchased Magic Stones and game progress.

*Deleting an account will void all Social Media Links, backups, and Device Change Codes.

*To ensure that the deleting process works properly, please be sure to unlink the account from the social media account as well.

*Please be careful as deleted accounts cannot be restored, and the same game data can never be used again.

*[Delete Account] feature will not automatically remove the P&D Pass subscription. Please cancel the subscription through the relevant service.

*The P&D Pass subscription is linked to the platform ID (Apple ID/Google Play account). Please note the following when deleting an account that has had a P&D Pass subscription purchased in the past:

  • In the case a player creates a new account, any new subscription will not be valid until the existing subscription expires (maximum of 30 days).

  • Any new P&D Pass subscription will be applied after the existing previous purchase period expires.

General Improvements

  • ★7+ monsters will have new animations when received through an Egg. Players can fast forward through the animation by holding the screen or skip the animation by double tapping the screen.

  • The [War God] title will be added at a later date and will be obtainable in the 8-Player Mode (PvP) Achievements.

  • Certain enemy monster’s behaviors have been adjusted.

  • Select Skills that were not working as intended will be fixed.

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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