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Ver.20.3 Update

Ver.20.3 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

See below for details on the new changes this update will bring!

10 Player Bonus Reset

The 10 Player Bonus Reset is here! See here for more details:

Leveling Material Set Added as Clear Reward for Completing Tutorial

Players will now be rewarded with a Leveling Material Set after clearing or skipping the tutorial! The Leveling Material Set will be sent via in-game mail.

Leveling Material Set

10,000,000 Coins

2,970 + Points


10x Super Snow Globe Dragon

10x Extreme King Metal Dragon

10x Jewel of Fire

10x Jewel of Water

10x Jewel of Wood

10x Jewel of Light

10x Jewel of Darkness

10x Jewel of Creation

*Players who have completed the tutorial prior to the update will also receive a Leveling Material Set via in-game mail.

*The Leveling Material Set cannot be received using the [Receive All] functionality. Please claim the rewards by opening the in-game mail.

*If a player hits their Coins and + Points limit, they will no longer be able receive Coins and + Points.

Monster Box Adjustment for Stackable Monsters

Monsters of the following types that are stackable will no longer take up slots in the Monster Box.

*Monsters that have Evolutions or are capable of leveling up, such as Pendra and Moltdra, are not stackable, and therefore will consume slots in the Monster Box.

Normal and Technical Dungeons Have Been Renewed

Select floors in Normal and Technical Dungeons have received the following changes:

  • Number of Battles will decrease.

Floors with 5 Battles > changed to 3 Battles Floors with 7 Battles > changed to 5 Battles

  • 10,000 Monster Points will be sent as a first-time clear reward via in-game mail. *If floors have been cleared prior to the update, a single in-game mail will be sent with the “number of floors cleared” x 10,000 Monster Points.

  • All Eggs that drop will come with 10 + Points.

Select Normal Dungeons

*1 The final floor of each Stage will not have the changes reflected.

Select Technical Dungeons

Select Awoken Badges Are Now Rank Up Rewards

The [Degree of Difficulty] category in [Achievements] will be removed, and the following Awoken Badges will become available as Rank Up rewards via in-game mail.

*Any Achievement Rewards under the [Degree of Difficulty] category that have not been received via in-game mail will be unavailable after the update.

*Any Awoken Badge that has already been rewarded will not be sent via in-game mail.

Att. Absorption Piercer Latent Awakening Skill Adjusted

The Att. Absorption Piercer Latent Awakening Skill has been adjusted as follows.

Egg Machines That Require Magic Stones Can Be Rolled 5 Times at Once

All Egg Machines that require Magic Stones to roll will now have the [5 Eggs] button, which will allow players to roll the Egg Machine 5 times at once.

*Selecting the [5 Eggs] button will prompt the confirmation screen.

*The [5 Eggs] button will not be shown if the player does not have enough Magic Stones to roll 5 times.

Amount of Paid Magic Stones Will Be Shown When Deleting Puzzle & Dragons Account

*[Delete Account] will delete all game data including purchased Magic Stones and game progress.

*Please be careful as deleted accounts cannot be restored, and the same game data can never be used again.

Display of ATK Multiplier in Dungeons Adjusted

The ATK multiplier display in dungeons will be adjusted to the following:

  • Numbers that are 3 digits or lower and numbers below the decimal point will be displayed smaller.

  • ATK multipliers that are above 1,000x will be displayed without the decimal.

Ex: In the case of 1,600x ATK multiplier and 900 ATK multiplier

General Improvements

  • The [Manage Assists] functionality will be available starting Rank 95 instead of Rank 130.

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.

  • The Puzzle & Dragons App icon has changed.

  • The Puzzle & Dragons website design has changed.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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