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Watch Videos to Increase Monster Box Slots 4 Times a Day!

[Duration]: 9/29, 4:00 - 10/10, 3:59 (UTC-8)

For a limited time, the ability to view videos in order to increase the Monster Box slots for free will increase from 2 times a day to 4 times a day! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand the capacity of your Monster Box!


*The ability to watch in-app videos will be reset at 4:00 (UTC-8) every day.

*Once all in-app videos have been viewed, a countdown timer will be displayed to signify the remaining time until the next reset.

*Please note that if the time passes 4:00 (UTC-8) while watching an in-app video, that view will be counted towards the view count after the reset.

*Data transmission will occur while watching the in-app video.

*Monster Box capacity will not increase if the specified watch time for the in-app video is not met.

*If the specified watch time is not met for the in-app video, it will not count towards the remaining view count and will be available to view again.

*If you are unavailable to view the in-app video, please refer to the FAQ on the Puzzle & Dragons official website under the “About In-App Videos” section.

For the Puzzle & Dragons FAQ page, see here.


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