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Game Data Transfer Guide For All OS’s

[Update] 9/13/2023: The expiration date of Device Change Codes has been changed to 30 days.

Players can transfer Puzzle & Dragons game data to a different device regardless of operating system (Example: iOS<->Android, iOS <-> iOS, etc.).

*In the case you have already been able to transfer all of your device’s data (ex: restoring your data on your new device using iCloud, etc.) and the transfer has been successful for Puzzle & Dragons as well, it will not be necessary to input the Device Change Code as directed in <Step 2>. 

Please make sure to check the details below before you begin.

*Depending on the Device Change Code, if a data restoration via iTunes or iCloud from the previous device is attempted once the Data Migration is complete, there may be instances where the data restored will be the game data prior to the Data Migration. Please be cautious.

Step 1

[Old Device] Issuing Device Change Code


1. Start PAD on the device that has the data you wish to transfer, and on the bottom menu, tap [Others]>[Device Change/Account Linking]>[Issue Device Change Code] to get to the Issue Device Change Code page. From here tap [Issue] on the bottom to issue a Device Change Code for this device.


*Please make sure to review the Device Change guide and warnings on the issue screen.


2. Via in-game mail, you will receive a message containing your ID and Device Change Code. Please keep record of this since it will be required in Step 2.

*The effective expiration date of the Device Change Code is 30 days from the time it was issued.

*If the [Issue] button is pressed again, a new code will be issued and the old code invalidated.


Step 2

[New Device] Input Device Change Code


1. Install PAD on the new device.


2. When you first launch the app, do not choose a name, and instead select the [Transfer Game Data Using Device Change Code] option.

*For Android users, you will see the [Transfer Game Data Using an External Account] button, but this cannot be used for the current transfer process.


3. After tapping the [Input Device Change Code] button, please input your ID and the Device Change Code from Step 1.


*Remember, the Device Change Code begins with an H.


4. When the Data Confirmation Screen is displayed, please confirm that the ID, in-game name, and other data are correct before tapping [Yes].


 * Please carefully press the button just 1 time. If pressed multiple times, the transfer may not successfully complete.


5. Game data transfer has completed.

* Please restart the app before playing.

Device Change Warnings

  •  When the transfer completes, the game data from <Step1> in the original device will be deleted.

  • If the Magic Stones you purchased before the transfer process are not showing, please contact support by tapping [Others]->[Support].

  • The last communicated state (besides Dungeon entrance) will be transferred from the original device.

  • If you are in a dungeon, please clear the dungeon and receive the clear rewards before attempting to transfer game data.

  • Monsters and Friends marked Favorite just before the transfer may not be marked after the transfer is complete.

  • If the original device is broken before a Device Change Code can be issued, the support team cannot issue individual codes.

  • Game Data cannot be transferred to Puzzle & Dragons from different regions.

  • Please make sure you have good signal before transferring game data.

  • Please carefully press the button just 1 time. If pressed multiple times, the transfer may not successfully complete.

Device Change Code Warnings

  • Device Change Codes are very important pieces of information used during game data transfer. Please be sure to save this in a note or screenshot.

  • Please do not share your Device Change Code with anyone. The support team will not be responsible for any losses incurred if you choose to do so.

  • The Device Change Code will be effective for 30 days from the time issued. Each time the [Issue] button is tapped, the Device Change Code and effective times will be updated. Only the newest code within the effective time will be valid, and older ones will become invalid.

  • The Device Change Code expires when the transfer is completed. Finally, transferred Game Data will not be able to issue a new Device Change Code for 30 days.

  • Please do not attempt to change devices during the Tutorial. The Tutorial and gameplay later on may be affected by unforeseen bugs or issues.

Device Change FAQ

Q1: After completing a device change, a new code cannot be issued for 30 days, so if the game data is somehow lost during this time, will it be possible to recover it?

A1: The Device Change procedure cannot be used to recover the data again but if a backup is made after the transfer is complete, it is possible to restore the data. This kind of backup is only possible within the same OS. Please refer to the following guides based on your OS.

【iOS】 Backup & Restore Guide 

【Android】 Data Migration & Backup Guide

You can contact support here.


Q2: If the device change function is used between different operating systems, will previous backups still be usable?

A2: No. After the data transfer is complete, old backups on different operating systems can no longer be used.


Q3: If game data is currently unusable (deleted or device broken), can a Device Change Code still be issued?

A3: No. To utilize this feature, you must be able to successfully issue and input the Device Change Code.

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