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Ver. 14.0 Update!

Version 14.0 has arrived, and it brings the Monster Exchange System, Monster Leveling & Skill Up system, new Awoken Skills, and functionality improvements!

Monster Exchange System

  • Players are now able to exchange monsters at the Monster Exchange. The Monster Exchange will be added to the Shop section of the menu. Players will be able to get certain monsters by trading in specific monsters that meet the requirements.

*With the implementation of the Monster Exchange, there will be a slight adjustment in the Shop Menu button placement.

★ See here for more information on the Monster Exchange System.

Monster Leveling System

The Monster Leveling System has been added! Monsters on your team will gain experience points after clearing a dungeon. In addition, ally monsters will have a set chance at leveling up their skills when encountering an enemy monster with the same Active Skill.

Monster Experience Gain

After clearing a dungeon, monsters on your team will gain experience points. *Experience will only be added to monsters on your team that have not reached max level.

*This screenshot shows a monster gaining experience points and leveling up after clearing a dungeon.

Skill Level Up

If a player encounters an enemy monster with the same skill as an ally monster on their team, that monster has a chance of raising its Active Skill level.

*An icon will be displayed above the thumbnail of a monster when encountering a monster with the same skill within a dungeon.

*Please note that Evo Material, Enhance Material, Awaken Material, and Redeemable Material monsters cannot have their Active Skill levels raised with this feature.

*Even if a player encounters multiple monsters with the same skill, a monster can only raise their Skill Level once per dungeon entry.

Change Settings from the Options Menu

Players can toggle the Monster Leveling system from the Others menu, by tapping Options followed by Dungeon.

*Monster Leveling is set to ON by default.

*The Monster Leveling function will only be active when clearing Normal, Technical, and Special dungeons in Solo Mode.

Please be aware that this system will not apply to certain dungeons such as Multiplayer Dungeons, Ranking Dungeons, dungeons costing 0 Stamina such as Endless Corridors, and when changing to Solo Mode from Multiplayer Mode.

*If a monster has an Assist Monster, only the base monster will receive experience points or a chance to get a Skill Up.

*The Monster Leveling system will apply when entering a dungeon after the 5/8 (Tue) scheduled maintenance.

New Ultimate Evolutions & Upgrades

Select monsters such as Crimson Orchid Virtue, Xiang Mei have received Ultimate Evolutions! Awoken Okuninushi, Awoken Ganesha, and Awoken Durga have received Reincarnated Evolutions! Select monsters have also received upgrades.

See here for more information on the new Ultimate Evolutions & Upgrades.

Stamina Changes for Select Dungeons

Ruby Dragon Infestation! as well as other select dungeons, have had their Stamina costs adjusted for all floors. See below for full details. *This will apply to dungeons received from in-game mail.

Ruby Dragon Infestation!

  • Revenge of the Super Ruby Dragons!... 45 Stamina

  • Hunt Ruby Dragons!... 15 Stamina

Sapphire Dragon Infestation!

  • Revenge of the Super Sapphire Dragons!... 45 Stamina

  • Hunt Sapphire Dragons!... 15 Stamina

Emerald Dragon Infestation!

  • Revenge of the Super Emerald Dragons!... 45 Stamina

  • Hunt Emerald Dragons!... 15 Stamina

Gold Dragon Infestation!

  • Revenge of the Super Gold Dragons!... 45 Stamina

  • Hunt Gold Dragons!... 15 Stamina

Monster Point & MP Shop Adjustments

Players are now able to view their Monster Point total and gain access to the MP Shop starting at Rank 6.

New Awoken Skills

A new Awoken Skill has been added!

New Types of Crowns Added

Additional Crowns have been added to the Ranking Dungeon rewards.

New Feature Added (Android Only)

Options Screen Changes

A new function has been added to Options from the Others menu. Players can now toggle the Background Effects or Simple Background functions from the Process Reduction.

Data Migration Adjustments

★ See here for more information on the Data Migration.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements

Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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