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Data Restoration

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If a situation occurs which causes the loss of game account data, as long as the necessary conditions are fulfilled, we may allow for a one time recovery per ID.


All data recovery tickets are considered on a case by case basis, and this guide is not mean to be an exhaustive list. Furthermore, this guide is not meant to address questions like, “What if X happens – can I get my game data back?!” It is meant to provide a list of conditions by which our service team may be able to facilitate a possible recovery.


  • The game account data has a Magic Stone purchase history

  • The game account data has achieved Rank 50 or higher

If at least one of those conditions is fulfilled, and the support team is able to confirm the specific game account, the data recovery process can begin. In order to confirm the game data, certain information must also be submitted. Please review this guide before contacting support.

Things required for restoration:

  • ID, Name, and Secret Code of the lost data

It is important to have the ID, name, and Secret Code saved in a secure location before game data is initialized. Please consider writing it down as a precautionary measure. Once you have re-downloaded Puzzle & Dragons, you will need to take down the information for the new game data as well.

  • The data for the newly downloaded Puzzle & Dragons (to be overwritten).

When re-downloading Puzzle & Dragons, please set your in-game name to the one provided by the customer support representative. It will follow the pattern “TBD [####].”

Here is a sample of the message you may receive: Please change your in-game name to TBD1234

Please click here for information on how to check your ID and Secret Code.

Warnings about Restoration:

*A request cannot be taken back once it has been sent. If you made a mistake when providing your information, you must let us know immediately, before the support team has a chance to perform the restoration. All inquiries are addressed in the order they are received, so if you have multiple submissions, please make sure to include the last 4 digits of your inquiry submission number at the end of your in-game name.

*The investigation and restoration process takes some time, and we will not be able to answer inquiries about its current status. We will notify you as soon as it has been completed.

*We can only overwrite an entire account with the original game account data. We cannot add just the Magic Stones or Monsters from the old data to the newer game data.

*We cannot assist in cases where the ID of the target game account is unknown or where the game data cannot be verified successfully.

*We will not be able to assist in cases where the ID of the target data has been suspended.

*Restorations are only possible with your own device.

*Attempting to imitate another user is strictly prohibited.

*Aside from the above listed reasons, there may be other circumstances where a game account cannot be restored. Please be aware that any and all restoration requests are ultimately decided by the support team on a case by case basis.

Playing During an Investigation:

*While it is possible to play on your new game data during an investigation, we highly recommend against it. The team will not be able to add any Magic Stones, Monsters, or game progression to the restored data. In other words, anything you are doing on the new account will be completely overwritten by the restored one.

*If you are somehow able to play the game data we are attempting to restore, please refrain from doing so as it will hinder our investigation and can lead to errors.

After verifying the above information and preparing the items listed in “Things required for restoration” section, you may contact us.

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