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【Android】Data Migration & Backup Guide

[Update] 9/13/2023: Information has been adjusted with the release of Ver.20.8.

Data Migration is a function where you can transfer and backup your current game data to another Android device.

By syncing your Puzzle & Dragons Game Data to the Google Account on your device, you can migrate your game data to another Android device, and you can restore your game data if you reset your device to its factory settings.

Please proceed to Step 1 to register your account in order to play the game.

Step 1 - Preparing Your Current Device

1. Check if your device is synced with a Google Account from your device’s “Settings” menu.

2. Launch Puzzle & Dragons and from the Others Menu, tap User Info then [Game Data Migration].

3. The Game Data Migration instructions will be displayed. Check the instructions and then select the [Sign in] button.

*If your device is synced with multiple Google Accounts, the Google Account Selection screen will be displayed. Please select the Google Account that you would like to sync your game data with.

4. Please make sure to jot down and remember the selected Google Account’s information and your 9-Digit account ID number.

5. The registration for data migration is now complete!

Step 2 - Loading Game Data to a New Device

1. From your new device’s “Settings” menu, check if the device is synced with the Google Account from Step 1.

2. After downloading the game on the new device, boot up the app.

3. At the Enter Name screen, tap [Migrate Data Using a Google Account] instead of entering your name.

4. Continue by tapping [Game Data Migration].

5. Type in your 9-Digit ID number that you wrote down from Step 1.

6. Tap [Sign in] to authenticate your Google Account registered in Step 1.

7. Then tap [OK] to proceed with the Data Migration.

8. Data Migration is now complete.

*Please restart the app after the Data Migration has completed.

Android Data Migration Warnings

  • When performing a Data Migration, please perform it at a location with good connection.

  • A Google Account is required for the initial setup for Android devices. If you have any questions on how to set up a Google Account, please contact your device manufacturer or carrier provider.

  • Be sure to register with the same Google Account that you have downloaded Puzzle & Dragons to. If the device is not logged in to the Google Account, please log in before registering.

  • Please make sure to copy down your Google Account, your 9-Digit ID, and Secret Code. Please be sure not to share your Secret Code to any other users.

  • By registering your game data to your Google Account, the most current data sent to the server will be migrated even if the game data isn’t immediately transferred.

  • We will not acquire your personal information (such as email address), as it will be encrypted upon registering game data.

  • After completing the Data Migration, the game data on the device that was registered in Step 1 will reset.

  • This type of Data Migration cannot be performed between different types of OS.

  • If an error occurred during the Data Migration, there is a possibility that your “Google Play Services” are not up to date. Please try again at a later time.

  • Please do not perform Data Migration during the tutorial. This may lead to an issue with the tutorial or further game play.

Android Data Migration FAQ

Q1: What does the Data Migration setting do?

A1: By syncing the Google Account on the device to your Puzzle & Dragons game data, you can migrate the data to a different Android device or restore the data when the device is reset to its factory settings.

Q2: I have progressed in the game after performing the Data Migration registration. Will my progress in the game be transferred?

A2: The most current game data that was sent to the server be transferred.

Q3: Can the data migration only be performed on to other Android devices?

A3: Data migration can be performed on different Android devices and the same Android devices. However, please be aware that this function cannot be performed on different types of OS such as iOS. Please check here for guides on data migration to other OS’s.

Q4: Are you able to play on 2 different devices using the Data Migration?

A4: After performing the Data Migration, game data for the device in Step 1 will reset; therefore, you will not be able to play on 2 devices.

Q5: Is there a way to check the Google Account that the Data Migration is registered to? How can I change accounts?

A5: There is no way to check the Google Account that the Data Migration is registered to, so please make sure to copy down your Google Account. Also, if you are not sure which Google Account your Data Migration is registered to, you can re-register by performing Step 1.

*You can re-register to a Google Account by pressing the “Sign in” button.

*The Google Account (Email Address) that is tied with the Data Migration will be registered in an encrypted format, so we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding this information.

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