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Skill Leveling Dungeon Arrives!

[Duration]: 10/19 (Fri), 12:00 AM - 10/28 (Sun), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

Skill Up the monsters from the Super Godfest in the new Skill Leveling Dungeon!

This dungeon features monsters from the lineup of the 7 Magic Stones! Super Godfest! Using a monster in your team that has the same Skill as a monster in this dungeon will guarantee a Skill Up for that monster! Don’t miss this chance to power up your team!

Monsters that appear in each floor:

Great Witches & Demons

  • Great Witch of the Forbidden Cavern, Madoo

  • Great Witch of the Lonely Island, Reeche

  • Great Witch of the Solitary Peak, Zela

  • Great Witch of the Unexplored Region, Saline

  • Awoken Belial

  • Awoken Amon

  • Awoken Astaroth

  • Awoken Archdemon Lucifer

  • Hell Eye's Evil Duchess, Gremory

Greco-Roman Gods & Angels

  • Awoken Minerva

  • Awoken Ceres

  • Awoken Venus

  • Awoken Hades

  • Awoken Ares

  • Awoken Artemis

  • Awoken Apollo

  • Awoken Michael

  • Awoken Raphael

  • Hand of the Dark God, Metatron

Ney & Cotton

  • Thunder Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney

  • Coiled Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney

  • Quartz Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney

  • Unleashed Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney

  • Nocturnal Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney

  • Scorched Claw Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton

  • Drilling Shark Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton

  • Horned Fort Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton

  • Sacred Beast Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton

  • Jester Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton

Three Kingdoms Gods & Samurai Gods

  • Awoken Cao Cao

  • Awoken Liu Bei

  • Awoken Inahime

  • Awoken Nene

  • Awoken Oichi

  • Awoken Tachibana Ginchiyo

  • Awoken Nohime

Norse Gods & Celtic Gods

  • Awoken Freyr

  • Awoken Idunn & Idunna

  • Awoken Deity Odin

  • Awoken Phantom God, Odin

  • Sacred Fire Goddess of Gallantry, Brigid

  • Warrior Goddess of Gelid Brilliance, Aife

  • Composed God of Great Knowledge, Dagda

  • Blazing Sun God of Great Talent, Lugh

  • Dark Moon Goddess of Serenity, Arianrhod

Egyptian Gods & Heroic Gods

  • Awoken Isis

  • Awoken Bastet

  • Awoken Ra

  • Awoken Anubis

  • Sunset God of Purifying Light, Aten

  • Awoken Yamato Takeru

  • Awoken Andromeda

  • Awoken Pandora

Indian Gods & Wisdom Gods

  • Awoken Shiva

  • Awoken Parvati

  • Awoken Indra

  • Awoken Sarasvati

  • Awoken Ganesha

  • Destroying Goddess of Power, Kali

  • Awoken Trailokyavijaya

  • Awoken Vajrabhairava

Five Elements Gods & Dragon Callers

  • Awoken Karin

  • Awoken Sakuya

  • Awoken Haku

  • Eternal Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia

  • Endless Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia

  • Fall Wind Jasper Dragon Caller, Kaede

Japanese Gods

  • Awoken Hino Kagutsuchi

  • Awoken Viper Orochi

  • Awoken Amaterasu Ohkami

  • Awoken Tsukuyomi

  • Awoken Umisachi & Yamasachi

  • Awoken Kushinadahime

  • Awoken Izanagi

  • Awoken Okuninushi

  • Serene Primordial Divinity, Amenominakanushi

  • Wondrous Primordial Divinity, Kamimusubi

Steps to Skill Up your monsters in this dungeon 1. Select the Skill Leveling Dungeon. *Only applies to Solo play.

2. Pick a floor and enter it using monsters on your team that have the same Active Skill as a monster that appears in that floor.

When the monster with the same Active Skill appears, an icon will appear on your monster’s thumbnail image.

3. When the floor is cleared, the monsters will receive a Skill Up upon reaching the dungeon clear screen.

Notes: *The Skill Leveling Dungeon is equivalent to a Normal Dungeon and may only be played in Solo play. *In order to skill up in a dungeon, Monster Leveling must be turned On from the Options screen of the Others menu. *All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary. *Monsters that appear in this dungeon will not drop.

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