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Dracoblader Godfest

[Duration]: 3/15 (Fri), 12:00 AM - 3/16 (Sat), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

The Dracoblader Godfest arrives with many powerful monsters! This time, players are guaranteed to get monsters at Level 50 with +33 to each stat (+33 HP, +33 ATK, +33 RCV)!

Two new Fest Exclusives have also been added to the lineup.

See here for more information on the new Fest Exclusives.

A plethora of Fest Exclusives are highlighted for a limited time, see the lineup below!

*Dracoblade, Master of Nine Strikes will have its name changed to Green Dracoblader of Bold Peaks, Selica after performing an Ultimate Evolution.

*Dracoblade, Rebellious Child will have its name changed to Bright Dracoblader of Thunderstrikes, Kio after performing an Ultimate Evolution.


*Players will be able to check the contents of the Godfest by pressing the “Lineup” button from the Machine menu. *We recommend that players check the lineup before pulling at the Godfest.

*If the Magic Stones do not appear immediately after purchase, please give it some time and try rebooting your device.

*During Godfests, our Magic Stone purchase volume is greatly increased. Because of this, some users may experience issues such as delays in receiving Magic Stones or cases where Magic Stones do not show up at all. To avoid potential issues, please try to purchase Magic Stones ahead of time. For more details, see How do you purchase Magic Stones?

*All images and data displayed are in development, and they may be adjusted if necessary.

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