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Trade System Update!

With the Version 17.3 update, the Trade System will be updated! Trading monsters with your Friends has never been easier!

See here for more information on the Ver.17.3 update.

[Trade Requirements]

  • The Trade System unlocks at Rank 110 or higher.

  • [Updated 9/10]: Trading is possible with Friends that are Rank 110 or higher, immediately after becoming Friends.

[Monsters Available for Trade]

  • Only monsters of the same Rarity can be traded.

  • Only monsters with Monster Point Values less than 100 (99-1) can be traded.

How to Trade (Trade with a Friend) ①Pressing “Trade” from the Friend screen will bring up two choices: “Trade with All Friends” and “Trade with a Specific Friend”.

  • Trade with All Friends →Desired Trade conditions can be seen by all Friends.

  • Trade with a Specific Friend →Desired Trade conditions can only be seen by the specifically chosen Friend.

②[Updated 9/10]: Select Desired Monsters. Players can choose up to 5 desired monster candidates from monsters they have encountered before. *Only 1 out of the 5 desired monster candidates will be traded to the player.

③[Updated 9/10]: Select monsters to Trade. You can list up to 5 monsters that you own up for trade.

*Only 1 of these 5 monsters will be used for the actual trade.

*Monsters with +Stats and monsters with Latent Awoken Skills can be traded. *Monsters that are currently on Teams, Favorited monsters, monsters being used as Assists, etc. cannot be traded. [Updated 9/10]: Tapping on the thumbnail of the monster that cannot be traded will display the reason why it cannot be traded.

④Players can make their Trade Conditions available after spending 100,000 Coins.

After a player makes their Trade Conditions available, they can review them at the Trade screen. [Updated 9/10]: Players can list up to 3 Trades simultaneously after the 17.3 Update.

★Players can cancel trades by pressing the “Cancel” button.

*Monsters that a player has put up for Trade will be removed from their Monster Box. If a player cancels a Trade, the monster will return to their Monster Box once again. *Trade offers expire after 7 days. After the expiration date passes, the Trade will fail. *The Coins used to set up the Trade will not be refunded in the event that the Trade is canceled or fails to conclude.

⑤If a Friend agrees to the Trade conditions a player has set up, the “Trade Successful” window will appear on the Trade screen.

Pressing the “OK” button will complete the Trade, and the traded monster will appear in the player’s Monster Box.

How to Trade (Check for Wanted Monsters) ①Pressing “Trade” at the Friend screen will bring up the “Check for Wanted Monsters” option. *If there are Wanted Monsters available, a small number icon will appear in the box.

②[Updated 9/10]: Players can select their desired monster from the Wanted Monsters list.

*As long as a player owns one of their Friend’s Wanted Monsters, the player can obtain monsters that they have not encountered. *Even if a player owns one of their Friend’s Wanted Monsters, monsters used as Assists, Favorited monsters, and other monsters that cannot be traded will appear with a gray thumbnail image.

If a monster is favorited or set as an Assist, the monster can be used for a Trade after changing these settings.

③[Updated 9/10]: Players then select a monster they want to trade based on their Friend’s Wanted Monsters.

④[Updated 9/10]: Select a Desired Monster that the Friend wants to set up the Trade.

⑤Spending 100,000 Coins will complete the Trade.

After completing a Trade, the player’s traded monster will be removed from their Monster Box, and their Friend’s traded monster will be added to the Monster Box.

Miscellaneous By selecting “Trade History”, a player can view the 5 most recent Trades they have done.

Notes: *All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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