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Ver. 17.3.1 Update for Android and Kindle Devices

*UPDATE* 9/24 5:31 PM (UTC-8)

Ver. 17.3.1 has arrived to Android and Kindle devices. With this update, users with the Android 10 OS are now able to play Puzzle & Dragons.

The Orb Skin and dungeon background display issues on Kindle devices has also been fixed with this update. For more details on the display issues on Kindle devices, see here.

*If you have questions regarding your device’s current operating system in use or on how to update it, please contact Google or the device manufacturer. *Please perform operating system updates at your own discretion. *There is no maintenance for this update. *Please restart the Puzzle & Dragons app after updating.

The 17.3.1 update for Android and Kindle devices is now mandatory. Please install it via your device’s normal procedure.

You may install this update using your device’s normal procedure (through the Google Play Store and Kindle Appstore).

If you don’t see any changes in effect after the update, please try exiting the app completely and rebooting your device.

We have confirmed some issues that are currently happening in Puzzle & Dragons on devices with an Android 10 OS. These issues will be fixed in a future update.

1. Puzzle & Dragons does not support Gesture Navigation, thus using this feature will cause problems when playing the game. -If Gesture Navigation is enabled on your device, please toggle to 2-Button Navigation or 3-Button Navigation on your device through your Settings. *Please check with your device’s manufacturer for how to toggle 2-Button Navigation or 3-Button Navigation.

2. The GungHo logo may not display upon launching the app. This is purely a display issue and does not affect the gameplay.

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