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Ver.18.0 Update!

Version 18.0 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons! Enjoy various changes and improvements to the Monster Box, Trade System, Evolution Search, and so much more!

Monster Search Function Players are now able to search for individual monsters in places such as their Monster Box or the Monster Book by going to [Change Order] > [Monster Name] and typing in the name of the monster they are looking for.

Monster Evolution Line Added The Evolution Search function now shows a monster’s Evolution Line instead of thumbnails of its other forms.

Monster Attack Multipliers Displayed in Dungeons When inside a dungeon, monster attack multipliers will now be displayed above their thumbnail image.

★Multipliers Not Displayed

  • Number of Cleared Orb Multipliers (Example: Clearing 4 Orbs, 5 Orbs, etc.)

  • Combo Multipliers

  • Enhanced Orb Multipliers

  • Two-Pronged Attack

  • Damage Void Piercer

  • [L] Increased Attack

  • Killer-type Multipliers

Additionally, the Attack Multiplier option has been added under [Others] > [Options] menu. After updating to Ver. 18.0, this setting with initially be switched to OFF.

New Floor in Alt. Ultimate Arena-No Continues

Alt. Grotesque Being, the newest floor of the Alt. Ultimate Arena-No Continues Technical Dungeon is here!

Alt. Grotesque Being is the third floor of Alt. Ultimate Arena-No Continues, and unlocks when you clear the previous floor, Alt. Three Hands of Fate. Monsters will appear randomly, including valuable monsters such as Latent TAMADRA (Attacker Killer) and Latent TAMADRA (God Killer)! Additionally, a random selection of monsters such as Rainbowpy and Flampy await players at the final battle!

On top of that, in addition to Sakura Flamedragon, Kunpoo; and the other monsters that can show up in the dungeon, the new monster Experimental Poison Demon Scientist, Gaslowe; has a chance to appear as well!

Do you have what it takes to challenge this difficult dungeon?

Notes: *Alt. Ultimate Arena-No Continues unlocks after clearing the Rainbow Stone Magic Dragon floor of the Mythic Stone Dragon Cave dungeon. *The Alt. Grotesque Being floor of Alt. Ultimate Arena-No Continues appears after clearing the Alt. Three Hands of Fate floor. *Alt. Grotesque Being will appear for players who have already cleared Alt. Three Hands of Fate once the maintenance period has finished. *Even if players have cleared Alt. Ultimate Arena-No Continues before, following the maintenance, Alt. Ultimate Arena-No Continues will award a first-time clear bonus of 1 Magic Stone for completing all floors of the dungeon.

Monster Details

*These images show the character levels and skill levels at their maximum values. The characters will not be at these values when received or evolved.

Necessary Evo Materials Purchasable From Evolution Screen When evolving monsters, players are now able to purchase necessary monsters they may not have from the MP Shop directly from the Evolution screen. This ability will only be available when the necessary monster is purchasable from the MP Shop.

Trade System Improvements When trading with another player, players are now able to see how many of a specific monster their trade partner is looking for under [Friend] > [Trade] > [Check for Wanted Monsters].

Magic Stone Balance You can now view your purchased and free Magic Stone Balances under [Others] > [User Info]

Awoken Skill Adjustments The following Awoken Skills have been changed: Combo Orbs

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.

Notes: *All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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