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The Super Player’s Choice Godfest Voting Begins!

Vote via the Godfest Survey to decide what monsters will appear in the Super Player’s Choice Godfest! Based on the voting results, the top 25 voted-for Fest Exclusive monsters and top 40 voted-for God Series monsters will form the lineup of the Godfest! On top of that, all monsters featured in the Super Player’s Choice Godfest will arrive at Max Level, Max Skill Level, Fully Awakened, and +297(+99 HP, +99 ATK, +99 RCV)!

Voting Period Until 12/17 (Tue), 5:59 PM (PST)

Voting Eligibility Available to any Puzzle & Dragon user, rank 10 & up.

How to Vote Please use the following method to cast your vote:

  1. Open the Puzzle & Dragons app.

  2. Go to the [Others] menus and select [Godfest Survey (Ends 12/17 6 PM PST)] to go to survey page.

  1. Select which monsters you would like to appear in the Super Player’s Choice Godfest and submit your vote!

*Players cannot cast their votes from outside the Puzzle & Dragons app. *We recommend players to connect to a Wi-Fi connection when voting. *Players may cast their votes only once, and they must be at least rank 10 to participate. *Once players have voted, they will be unable to check, change or delete their votes. *In the event you are unable to start Puzzle & Dragons, you will be unable to vote for this Super Player’s Choice Godfest. *If you are shown a warning page during the voting process, please close the app, and go back to the [Godfest Survey (Ends 12/17 6PM PST)] page of the [Others] menu and vote again. *If the [Godfest Survey (Ends 12/17 6PM (PST)] page does not appear, go to [Others] menu and select “Return to Title Screen.” If this method does not work, try restarting the app.

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