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New Evolutions & Upgrades!

Dawn Sky Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna and Sunset God of Purifying Light, Aten have received new Evolutions! Additionally, many other monsters such as Reincarnated Seraph Lucifer and Reincarnated Horus have received new Super Reincarnation Evolutions! On top of that, many monsters have received new Reincarnation Evolutions and new Pixel Evolutions! Finally, select monsters have been given upgrades!

★New Gem coming to the Monster Exchange! [Starting]: 4/15 (Wed), 12:00 AM (UTC-8) Archangel of Knowledge, Raziel's Gem will be available to exchange in the Monster Exchange. Players will need this Gem to evolve their Reincarnated Raphael and Reincarnated Seraph Lucifer into their Super Reincarnated form!



Notes: *All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary. *If the changes are not displayed in-game, please try exiting the app completely and rebooting your device.

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