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4-Player Mode (PvP) Arrives!

[Update] 12/19: Information on this post has been updated with the Ver.21.1 Update.

The 4-Player Mode (PvP) has arrived to Puzzle & Dragons!

This new Multiplayer Mode is for up to 4 players! The dungeon that will be challenged and leader monsters will be chosen at random! Next, build your team by selecting Sub Monsters from the Monster Pool! Utilize Matching Bonuses and Max Bonuses to aim for the top!

How to Play 4-Player Mode (PvP)

[1] Choose the Battle Format!

The 4-Player Mode (PvP) has 3 different Battle Formats to choose from.

1. Compete with 4-Players! [Auto-Match]

Select [Search for Players] and get matched with players nationwide!

Only in [Auto-Match], players receive GP according to the ranking of the match result.

*Until reaching a certain 4-PvP Rank, players can get matched with 0 GP cost!

*Matching prioritizes players with close 4-PvP Ranks.

2. Compete with Friends! [Room Match]

[Room Match] will allow players to create a room for 2 - 4 players to gather and play!

See here for more details on [Room Match]:

3. [Solo Practice]

Practice by selecting the dungeon to challenge, and building a team without a time limit!

[2] Build a Team by Selecting Sub Monsters!

Step 1. Dungeon has been decided!

The Dungeon that will be challenged will be chosen randomly for [Auto-Match], while players can choose for [Room Match] and [Solo Practice].

*The Leader Monster is predetermined for each Dungeon. Time limit, Number of Floors, Monsters that will appear, and Matching Bonuses will all differ.

Step 2. Build your team by selecting Sub Monsters!

From the [Edit Team] screen, select monsters from the Monster Pool and build a team!

1. By tapping the monster you want, it will be added to your team. Tapping again will remove the monster from your team.

2. The Attributes your team can attack with will light up as you build your team.

3. By selecting [Redraw], the Monster Pool and the time limit will be renewed.

Monsters added to the team before selecting [Redraw] will be on HOLD and cannot be removed from the team.

*The Monster Pool is the same for all players.

4. Awakening Skills icons recommended for your team will light up.

5. Check the Matching Bonuses for each Dungeon. Bonuses higher than normal will be colored differently.

*When the timer runs out, [Redraw] will be performed automatically. When there are 0 [Redraw] remaining, your team will be automatically built.

*In [Room Match], players can check monsters that have already been selected as candidates when building a team and monsters that are currently in a team from [Monster Pool].

★Before entering the dungeon, selecting [Monster Pool] will show the monsters available for building your team.

Step 3. Once all Participants have built a team, the battle begins!

Until the battle starts, players can check the rules of the dungeon and monster details!

[3] Start the Battle and Aim for the Top!

Step 1. Battle Begins!

1. [For Select Screen Ratios Only] By tapping the screen, you can check the dungeon progress of all participants for a short time.

*When you advance to the next battle, your dungeon progress will be displayed regardless of the screen ratio.

2. While tapping, you can check information such as Matching bonuses.

*Select the display position on the right or left by [Others] > [Options] > [Dungeon] > [4-Player Mode (PvP) [?] Button Display].

3. Your 4-PvP Icon will be displayed!

*While tapping or moving an Orb, the Awakening Skill icons will be displayed above the respective monster.

*The parameters, Awakening Skills, Skills, and Leader Skills of the monsters that appear are exclusive to this Multiplayer Mode.

*Enemy Monsters that appear in the dungeons will attack and use skills unique to the enemy.

*If your HP hits 0 and results in a Game Over, you will be revived and the remaining time will be reduced by 30 seconds.

The active 4-PvP Icon can use its Skill in the dungeon.

Step 2. Results will be displayed when everyone's battle is over!

Ranking will be determined by the total score including the Max Bonus score, awarded to each player.

Earn an amount of GP according to your ranking, and when your GP reaches a certain amount, your 4-PvP Rank will be upgraded.

*From the start of the battle to the announcement of the results, switching out of the Puzzle and Dragons game screen, device activating sleep, or restarting the app, will

result in removal from the room and the stamina and GP consumed will not be returned.

After clearing the dungeon or the time limit has expired, please wait for other players until the results are announced.

*[Solo Practice] will also force you to exit the dungeon if any of the actions mentioned above is performed.

[4] Get Rewards for the Season and Achievement Rewards!

The final 4-PvP Rank in the season you participated in, will determine the rewards you will be receiving!

Additionally, select [Season Info] to check the rewards and rules for the season you are participating in.

Season rewards will be reflected directly in your game or via in-game mail, when you log in during the next season onwards.

★The following rewards will be distributed via in-game mail when you are first upgraded to Int. 4-PvP Rank or above, for all seasons.

★Receive various Achievement Rewards for all seasons!

Please check the latest Achievement Rewards in-game, for more details.

[5] 4-PvP Icons Can Use Skills Too!

The 4-Player Mode (PvP) exclusive 4-PvP Icons are not only displayed during battle to show each player’s progress and the ranking results, but can also use its Skill in the dungeons!

Select 4-PvP Icons will be available for free for the first Icon. All 4-PvP Icons after the first free 4-PvP Icon can be purchased using Magic Stones.

In addition, 4-PvP Icons may also be obtained from other sources such as in-game events.

*4-PvP Icons that are not available as the first free 4-PvP Icon will not be displayed if the player has not chosen a free 4-PvP Icon yet.


  • Gamer Points (GP) Points that can be obtained according to the ranking in [Auto-Match]. Additionally, after reaching a certain 4-PvP rank or higher, GP will be consumed when participating in [Auto-Match].

  • 4-PvP Rank 4-PvP Rank will be adjusted, depending on the amount of GP the player has. When promoted from a select 4-PvP Rank or above, players will receive GP according to the 4-PvP Rank.

  • Season Seasons are divided into [Season 1 Part 1], [Season 1 Part 2], [Season 1 Part 3], and the season rewards are determined according to the final 4-PvP Rank. Ex: Season 1 Part 1 ⇒ Season 1 Part 2 The rewards for [Season 1 Part 1] will be determined according to the 4-PvP Rank you end with, at the end of [Season 1 Part 1]. [Season 1 Part 1] rewards will be reflected directly in your game or via in-game mail, when you log in during [Season 1 Part 2] and onwards. The 4-PvP Rank of [Season 1 Part 1] will be lowered a Rank when logging into [Season 1 Part 2] or later for the first time, and GP will be the amount according to the 4-PvP Rank after demotion.

  • Max Bonuses The players who achieve the highest score of [Combos], [Damage], and [Special Matching (The amount of times and types)] among the participants, will receive Max Bonus scores when the results are announced!

For more information on the scores that will be added, please refer to [Season Info] in-game.


  • Helpers will not be available.

  • The monster pool players choose their team from will be the same for all participants.

  • Orbs at the start of the battle and Orbs that fall will be the same for all participants.

  • The Orbs produced on a board when using a skill is different for each player.

  • If the final score is 0, GP will not be awarded.


  • The maximum amount of GP is 999,999,999 and additional GP can not be acquired. Please note that there will not be a message indicating the limit being exceeded.

  • Regardless of 4-Player Mode (PvP), if any suspicious activity that falls under the prohibited activities (such as data alteration, use of illegal programs, or use of third parties User ID’s, as stated in the Terms of Service and the Prohibited Activities page of the official website.) is confirmed or any acts deemed inappropriate by the operations team, participation in 4-Player Mode (PvP) may be disabled or restricted.

  • *If a high score is obtained by methods that take away from the competitive aspect of the event or in a way that severely harms balance, there is a possibility that the event will be canceled prematurely.

  • If any prohibited activities are confirmed, they will be dealt with strictly. This may include a permanent suspension from the game and the complete deletion of game account data. Please avoid any prohibited activities.

  • Please understand that the contents and conditions on this page are subject to change without notice.

  • In-game mails have expiration dates. When an in-game mail expires, attached monsters, Magic Stones, Dungeons, Coins, and any points such as Pal Points will become unredeemable.

*All information is up-to-date at the time of publication.

Please check in-game for information on the latest season, such as 4-PvP Icon, monsters, score, etc.


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