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4-Player Mode (PvP) Room Match

[Update] 12/19: Information on this post has been updated with the Ver.21.1 Update.

In this post, we will explain [Room Match] from the 4-Player Mode (PVP) in depth!

See here for more information on how to play the new PvP mode:

Room Match

[Room Match] will allow players to create a room for 2 - 4 players to gather and play.

Invite your friends to the room you created and play this mode with them!

★Playing using [Room Match] will not use Stamina or GP. However, GP will not be rewarded as well.

Choosing Number of Rounds in [Create a Room]

[Auto-Match] will only have 1 Round, but [Room Match] will allow players to increase the number of Rounds up to 3 Rounds.

Notes Regarding the Dungeons in this Mode:

*With [Create a Room (One Round)], the host of the room will be able to choose the dungeon to play in.

*With [Create a Room (Two Rounds)] and [Create a Room (Three Rounds)], the dungeon will be selected at random. In addition, dungeons that have not been played yet will be chosen for Rounds 2 and on.

How to Join a Match

Players can join other players’ created rooms through [Room Match] > [Enter a Room ID] by entering the 8 digit [Room ID] of the room.

Playing Rounds 2 and Onwards in a Match

Starting Rounds 2 and Onwards

When the [Result] screen of the previous round is visible, tap on the screen and continue to the next screen (Enter Dungeon screen).

Once all players are ready, the host can tap on [Start Match], moving all players to the Edit Team screen for the next Round.

Building a Team

For Rounds 2 and onwards, players can build a team by first, having the choice to select from the Sub Monsters used in the previous Match.

Using [Redraw] once will allow players to choose out of the next 5 Monsters offered from the Monster Pool.

*In [Create a Room (Two Rounds)] and [Create a Room (Three Rounds)], using up [Redraw] and tapping [OK] will complete the team building process.

Scores in Round 2 and Round 3

The final rankings will be calculated by considering the total score of all Match results.

Monsters Already Chosen Can Be Checked From [Monster Pool]

Monsters already selected in the team will not be available for selection in later rounds.

From the [Monster Pool] below, players can check the monsters that have been selected as candidates for a team.

  • Waiting before building a team (during the Second and Third Rounds)

  • During team building

  • Waiting after building a team


*All information is up-to-date at the time of publication.

Please check in-game for the most recent details on the 4-PvP Icon, Monsters, and Scores for each Season.


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