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90 Million Downloads! REMDra Fever!

[Duration]: 8/16 (Mon), 0:00 - 8/22 (Sun), 23:59 (UTC-8)

In celebration of Puzzle & Dragons reaching 90 Million Downloads worldwide, the 90 Million Downloads! REMDra Fever! arrives! Players will receive a myriad of rewards just for clearing the dungeon! In this dungeon, there will be a preset fixed team as well as Fever Mode rules!   

Additionally, Matching Bonuses will be added to your score by activating set Awoken skills!

For 90 Million Downloads! REMDra Fever!, activating [L] Increased Attack and [L] Heal Matching will increase your score! This REMDra Fever will also feature rewards from the Star-Twined Fairies series, including Rainbow Watering Can and Red Watering Can! Cooperate with the server to obtain the All User Reward! Star-Twined Fairies Egg Machine!

See here for more information on the Star-Twined Fairies series:

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to challenge the REMDra Fever!

Fever Mode Rules

Fever Mode applies to dungeons where players must match a preset number of Orbs such as 40 Wood Orbs to clear the dungeon! Depending on the type of Egg Machine Dragon that appears, players will receive different kinds of monster drops after clearing the dungeon.

In Fever Mode players are free to move an Orb as long as they want within the timer gauge limit. Be careful though because once the timer gauge runs out, it’s game over!

A player’s score will increase if they clear a large number of Orbs before they clear the dungeon! Each time a player clears this dungeon, their total score will increase, and they will get various prizes based on that total score! Clear this dungeon as many times as you can and get bountiful rewards!

All User Fever Challenge! Rewards

While 90 Million Downloads! REMDra Fever! is active, the total score from all players who participated will be calculated, and participating players will receive rewards based on the total score achieved!

Reaching the target score for Rounds 1-3 will reward all participants the All User Reward! Star-Twined Fairies Egg Machine which includes monsters from the Star-Twined Fairies event! Reach all target scores to obtain a maximum of 9 pulls!

Reaching the target score for the 4th Round will reward all participants with 39 Magic Stones!

Target Scores and Rewards

1st Round: 100,000,000... All User Reward! Star-Twined Fairies Egg Machine x1 Pull

2nd Round: 1,400,000,000... All User Reward! Star-Twined Fairies Egg Machine x3 Pulls

3rd Round: 3,400,000,000... All User Reward! Star-Twined Fairies Egg Machine x5 Pulls

4th Round: 5,400,000,000... 39 Magic Stones

*The lineups for each Egg Machine are listed below.

*Details on the rewards can be viewed by tapping the Rewards button at each Ranking Dungeon screen.

*When the target scores have been achieved, rewards will be sent to players via in-game mail.

Egg Machine Reward Lineups

All User Reward! Star-Twined Fairies Egg Machine Lineup

Hibiscus Star Sprout

Hydrangea Star Sprout

Dahlia Star Sprout

Saxifrage Starlight Flower

Dionaea Darkshade Plant

Aconite Darkshade Flower

Amanita Darkshade Mushroom

Ipomoea Starlight Flower

Pansy Starlight Flower

Daffodil Darkshade Flower

Rafflesia Darkshade Flower

Jade Submarine, Nautilus

Interdimensional Detective, Shelling Ford

Great Witch of the Unexplored Region, Saline

Raging Thunder Almighty God, Zeus - Giga

Crimson Lotus Warrior, Echidna - Sara

Divine Mech King, Grandis

Great Witch of the Deep Forest, Aljae

Dark Angel Metatron

Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia

White Beast Demon, Ilm

Green Dragonbound, Sylvie


Sherias Roots



The Norn Verdandi

Red Dragonbound, Gadius

Orange Dragonbound, Saria

Scarlet Dragon Caller, Tsubaki

Indigo Dragon Caller, Sumire


Archangel Uriel

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Michael

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Lucifer





Fallen Angel Lucifer

Cao Cao

Sun Quan

Liu Bei

Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao

Lu Bu

Sanada Yukimura

Mori Motonari

Ishida Mitsunari

Maeda Keiji

Akechi Mitsuhide






Wandering Wizard, Wee Jas

Jester Wizard, Chester

Drifting Wizard, Wee Jas

Red Sky Wizard, Chester

Flame-Winged CyberBeast, Markab

Frost-Fanged CyberBeast, Alfecca

Swoop-Winged CyberBeast, Phact

Flashing-Clawed CyberBeast, Leonis

Evil Eye CyberBeast, Kakkab

Avalon Drake


Cursed Dragon


Yellow Grimoire, Ars Nova

Purple Grimoire, Goetia

Sleeping Dragon, Zhuge Liang

Loyal Deity, Guan Yu






Courageous Demigod, Gilgamesh

God of Wisdom, Ea

Warbeast God, Enkidu

Goddess of Justice, Shamash

Chthonic Goddess, Allatu

Takeda Shingen

Uesugi Kenshin

Date Masamune

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Tokugawa Ieyasu

Individual Scores

Each player’s ranking is based on the total score calculated from each time the dungeon is cleared. After the dungeon duration ends, the final results will go through rigorous calculation, and the score percentile results will be announced at a later date! Players will receive rewards based on the percentile they rank in!

Additionally, the top 10 percentile will receive a Crown!

As a reminder, the top percentile will be determined by your cumulative score rather than your best score, so challenge this dungeon as many times as you can to reach the top ranks!

*Players can check their current ranking by tapping the Current Rank button at the dungeon floor screen. (The final rankings will be announced once they are determined after the dungeon duration has ended.)

*For further details on the rewards, press the “Rewards” button on the Ranking Dungeon screen starting from 8/16 (Mon), 0:00 (UTC-8).

Fever Mode Dungeon Rules

  • This dungeon can be cleared multiple times. During the dungeon duration, the total score will be calculated and ranked.

  • After entering the dungeon, if the game is switched over to another screen or the device goes into sleep mode, the timer gauge will continue to decrease. If there is still time remaining after returning to the game, the dungeon will still be able to be cleared, however it will not be scored.

  • If the app is restarted after entering the Ranking Dungeon, the player will no longer be in the dungeon and will return to the menu screen after restarting. The score will not be recorded.

  • Continues are not allowed.

  • Enemies do not attack in this dungeon.

  • The dungeon will be cleared by matching a certain amount of designated orbs.

  • Matching Heal Orbs will replenish the timer gauge.

  • The Skills for all monsters on the Team are ready to use from the beginning, but each monster’s Skill can only be used once.

  • After matching a designated number of Orbs in the dungeon, players will receive a Level Up, and the timer gauge will be fully replenished. As a player’s level increases, the timer gauge will deplete faster, but in exchange the score points will be increased by 1 combo per level.

  • A player’s score will be adjusted based on the amount of Orbs matched at one time and the number of combos made during one turn.

  • There is a limit to the score that can be received from clearing the dungeon once.

  • The total score limit is 999,999. *Once a player gets 999,999 for their total score, they will receive the ranking rewards from the 0.1%~10.0% percentile regardless of their Current Rank.


  • Ranking dungeons will appear after reaching Rank 90 and can be accessed from the Dungeon Menu.

  • A player’s final Ranking will be determined from the total score calculated from each time a player clears the Ranking Dungeon. The All User score is calculated from the total scores of all players during the dungeon duration.

  • The names and scores of the Top 3 players will not be announced after the Ranking Dungeon ends.

  • If the Ranking Dungeon duration ends after a player enters the dungeon, the player must clear it within one hour of the end time, or the score will not be added to their total. *After clearing the dungeon, they can still receive the dropped monsters, Coins and Rank EXP.

  • After each Ranking Dungeon period ends, the final results will go through rigorous calculation and the score percentile results will be announced.

  • The temporary Ranking may differ depending on the amount of players that have the same rank.

  • Rewards differ depending on the percentile range that a player falls into, and players will receive rewards based on their final Ranking.

Example: If a player’s final percentile Ranking is 12.0%, they will receive rewards in the 10.0% ~ 20.0% range.

  • Ranking rewards will be sent via in-game mail to the [Friend] menu’s Mail/Friend Invites screen. It may take some time for the mail to appear in a player’s Mailbox.

  • Gifts via in-game mail have expiration dates. When an in-game mail expires, attached monsters, Magic Stones, Dungeons, Coins, and any points such as Pal Points will become unredeemable. For more details on in-game mail expiration dates, see here.

  • If a player’s in-game mailbox is full, they will be unable to receive in-game mail. Moreover, there may be issues with claiming contents of the mail if the player’s mailbox is full. It is highly recommended that players delete unneeded mail.

  • If it is suspected that there has been any manipulation of data, use of unlicensed programs, or any suspicious activities, those suspected of such activities will be eliminated from the ranking process.

  • If a player is using incompatible devices or unsupported operating systems, the player’s score may be invalidated.

  • If a high score is obtained by methods that take away from the competitive aspect of the event or in a way that severely harms balance, the player may be disqualified from the ranking.

  • When unauthorized activity is confirmed, actions may be taken to prevent further tampering or unauthorized activity, such as account suspensions.

*The details and conditions stated on this page may be subject to change without notice or compensation.

Note: All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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