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New Floor Added to Alt. Unknown Nova-Supergravity!

[Starting]: 3/13, 0:00 (UTC-8)

The new floor, Alt. Gazillion-Dragon of Chaos-Superaltitude will be added to the Technical Dungeon, Alt. Unknown Nova-Supergravity!

That’s not all! Players can play the Gazillion Title Challenge! to receive the [Gazillion] title!

The New Floor Alt. Gazillion-Dragon of Chaos-Superaltitude Arrives!

The Alt. Gazillion-Dragon of Chaos-Superaltitude floor will appear after clearing the Gazillion-Dragon of Chaos-Superaltitude floor of the Unknown Nova-Supergravity dungeon!

This floor will reward players with a large amount of EXP and Coins, 2970 + Points, 100 million EXP Stock, and select monsters drop each time it's cleared! 

Gazillion Title Challenge!-Time limit 40 mins

[Duration]: 3/13, 0:00 - 3/31, 23:59 (UTC-8)

For a limited time, the solo play only, Gazillion Title Challenge!-Time limit 40 mins will be available! 

All players who manage to clear this dungeon within the time limit will receive the [Gazillion] title! 

[億兆] (Gazillion) Title

*Players who have already received the [Gazillion] title will not be eligible to receive another.

*If the dungeon is not cleared before 3:59 of the following day of the end duration, players will not be eligible to receive the title. 

*The dungeon rewards screen must appear for the dungeon to be counted as cleared.

*If an in-game name is seen as inappropriate, the player may not be eligible to receive the title. For more information on our policy on in-game names, see here.

*If it is suspected that there has been any manipulation of data, use of unlicensed programs, or any suspicious activities, those players suspected of such activities will be eliminated from the gifting process. 

*If players are unable to clear the dungeon within the time limit or close/switch out of the Puzzle & Dragons app after entering the Time Attack dungeon, it will result in a Game Over. 


*If Orb movement feels slow, please go to [Others] > [Options] > [Process] Reduction and turn on Simple Background. All dungeon backgrounds will be changed to the background of the Departure Tower dungeon. 


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