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Notice from the Puzzle & Dragons Team

We have noticed that the in-game message for the conditional rewards when clearing select Technical Dungeons with any of the Super Reincarnated Five Elements Series monsters as a Leader has been incorrectly written.

As an apology for this issue, any Stamina that has been used to enter these select dungeons for a second time with the conditions that a player has already cleared the dungeon with will be returned as compensation.

See here for more details about the conditional rewards:

The compensation for this mistake will be delivered to players who have met the conditions above via in-game mail starting 2/17 (Wed), 0:00 AM (PST).

Additionally, a Magic Stone will be given as compensation to all players with accounts created prior to the Emergency Maintenance held on 2/14 (Sun), 6:40 PM (PST).

The compensation for the Emergency Maintenance will be delivered via in-game mail to all users between 2/17 (Wed), 4:00 AM (PST) and 2/19 (Fri), 3:59 AM (PST). Please allow a few minutes for the compensation to be delivered.

If you do not see the compensation despite meeting the above conditions, please restart your game.


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