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Rank 1100 Memorial Egg Machine Arrives!

[Starting] Late June, after the maintenance

The Rank 1100 Memorial Egg Machine will arrive later this month!

When reaching Rank 1100, players will receive a special mail allowing a single pull at the Rank 1100 Memorial Egg Machine!

In addition, players who pull EMDra’s will receive additional pulls from the Special Egg Machine that only features Fest Exclusives!

Rank 1100 Memorial Egg Machine Select Monsters

Rainbow Metal REMDra (2 Pulls)

PEMDra (3 Pulls)

Silver REMDra (4 Pulls)

REMDra (5 Pulls)

Pink REMDra (6 Pulls)

Purple REMDra (8 Pulls)

Diamond REMDra (10 Pulls)

Sea Wolf & Daytona

Royal Oak & Nautilus

Shynee & Baddie

Flamie & Bubblie

Bewitching Scale Dual-Blade Warrior, Sagiri

Fiery Serenity Dual-Axe Princess, Myllie

Holy Crimson Dual-Sword Princess, Elfreide

Mermaid & Succubus


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