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Ver.18.5.2 Update

Ver.18.5.2 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

Three new Latent Awakening skills have been introduced, a new perk has been added to the P&D Pass subscription, and new functionality has been added to the Monster Box search menu! Additionally, numerous monsters have received upgrades.

Read ahead for all the details.

New Latent Awakening Skills have been added

Due to the issues surrounding the Ver. 18.5.2 update on Fire Tablet devices, players will need to wait a little while longer before they will be able to obtain the Latent TAMADRA needed to acquire these new Latent Awakening skills.

Please stay tuned for further announcements regarding the full release of the new Latent TAMADRA, and the methods for acquiring them. For more information about this delay, please see here:

Unmatchable Orb Recovery

Roulette Orb Recovery

Damage Absorption Piercer

*When fusing, these Latent Awakening skills will use 6 Latent Awakening slots.

*Latent Awakening skills granted through the Awoken Assist skill will count towards fulfilling the fusion requirements.

*Even if a monster possesses one of the above Latent Awakenings, their effect will not occur unless the monster also possesses the relevant Awoken skill necessary to activate them.

*The Unmatchable Orb Recovery and Roulette Orb Recovery Latent Awakenings will activate once for each monster that possesses the skill.

New Title Available

A new title has been added with the release of the Ruler of Hell's Halls-No Dupes floor of lllusory World of Carnage-No Continues. The first 99 players who manage to clear this difficult new floor of Illusory World of Carnage-No Continues will earn the new Devil title!

Due to the delayed release of this new floor, players will need to wait a little while longer before they will be able to race to earn this coveted, limited-availability title!

Please stay tuned for further announcements regarding the new release date for the Ruler of Hell’s Halls-No Dupes floor. For more information about this delay, please see here:

Players can enable or disable titles by going to [Others] -> [User Info] -> [User Settings]

*Due to in-game character limits, player names may be automatically trimmed to accommodate titles.

*The Ruler of Hell’s Halls-No Dupes floor of the Illusory World of Carnage-No Continues dungeon will be added at a later date, and is not included in the Ver.18.5.2 update.

New Evolutions & Upgrades

With the update to Ver 18.5.2, numerous monsters including Super Reincarnated Minerva and Rumbling Firedragon, Armored Tyrannos, have received upgrades!

See here for more details:

New Perk added to the P&D Pass

As an additional perk, P&D Pass subscribers will now gain unlimited, 24-hour access to the All Days Dungeon, as well as the Descended Series dungeons, which collect multiple Descended Dungeons together into a single dungeon!

Dungeon Features

  • The All Days Dungeon and Descended Series dungeons are solo-play only.

  • All Days Dungeon and Descended Series dungeons will not award a first time clear bonus Magic Stone.

  • All floors of the Descended Series dungeons cost 50 Stamina to enter.

  • The Descended Series dungeons are separated by difficulty. Please check in-game to see details for each dungeon, including which monsters appear in which dungeons.

Descended Series Dungeons and Floors

Descended Series-Annihilation 2 Floors

  • Bull Demon King Descended!

  • Scathach Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Gawain Descended!

  • Zelenbus Descended!

  • Pixel Valkyrie Descended!

  • Beleth Descended-No Skyfall Combos!

  • Nimue Descended!

  • Raziel Descended!-No Skyfall Combos/Skills Invalid/7x6 Board

  • Pixel Hera & Zeus Descended!

  • Vidar Descended!-Assists Invalid

  • Jabberwock Descended!

  • Senri Descended!

Descended Series-Annihilation 1 Floors

  • Brahma Descended!

  • Dorothy Descended!

  • Eris Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Reiwa Descended!

  • Scheherazade Descended!

  • Qilin Descended!

  • Libertas Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Zahhak Descended!-No Skyfall Combos

  • Quetzalcoatl Descended!-No Dupes

  • Myne Descended!

  • Lindworm Descended!

  • Nidhogg Descended!

  • Hexazeon Descended!

  • Sól & Máni Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Eir Descended!-No Skyfall Combos

  • Panera Descended!

  • Kurogane Maru Descended!-No Skyfall Combos

  • Gilles Legato Descended!

  • Rushana Descended!-No Dupes

  • Demonius Descended!-All Att. Req.

Descended Series-Mythical Plus Floors

  • Design Contest Dungeon!

  • Hermé Descended!-Dragon Enhanced

  • Myr Descended!-Special

  • Gainaut Descended!-Special

  • Linthia Descended!-Special

  • Volsung Descended!-Special

  • Scarlet Descended!-Special

  • Nordis Descended!-Special

  • Zaerog∞ Descended!-Special

Descended Series-Legend Plus Floors

  • Moby Dick Descended!-Orb move time 4 sec

  • Bigfoot Descended!-7x6 Board

  • Manticore Descended!-Devil Enhanced

  • Enoch Descended!

  • Azazel Descended!

  • Titania Descended!

  • Ras Descended!

  • Serket Descended!

  • Kuramitsuha Descended!-No Skyfall Combos

  • Mion Descended!

  • Khepri Descended!-Orb move time 4 sec

  • Cosmo Crusader Descended!-No RCV

  • Liberty Geist Descended!

  • Star Justice Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Agni Descended!

Descended Series-Legend to Mythical Floors

  • Mythical Rush 10

  • Mythical Rush 9

  • Mythical Rush 8

  • Mythical Rush 7

  • Mythical Rush 6

  • Mythical Rush 5

  • Mythical Rush 4

  • Mythical Rush 3

  • Mythical Rush 2

  • Mythical Rush 1

  • Legend Rush 2

  • Legend Rush 1

All Days Dungeon Floors

  • (Monday) Iron Strength Plaza-Legend

  • (Monday) Iron Strength Plaza-Expert

  • (Tuesday) Keeper of the Gold-Mythical

  • (Tuesday) Keeper of the Rainbow-Master

  • (Tuesday) Keeper of the Green-Expert

  • (Tuesday) Keeper of the Blue-Expert

  • (Tuesday) Keeper of the Red-Expert

  • (Wednesday) Room of the Sacred Mask-Legend

  • (Wednesday) Room of the Mask-Expert

  • (Wednesday) Room of the Mask

  • (Thursday) Cave of Dreaming-Mythical

  • (Thursday) Green Dragon's Den-Int

  • (Friday) Sky Prison-Mythical

  • (Friday) Shrine of Spirits-Expert

  • (Friday) Shrine of Spirits-Int

  • (Sat) Road to Evolution-Annihilation

  • (Sat) Road to Evolution-Master

  • (Sat) Road to Evolution-Expert

  • (Sunday) Tricolor Dungeon-Legend

  • (Sunday) Tricolor Dungeon-Master

  • (Sunday) Tricolor Dungeon-Expert

  • (Sunday) Tricolor Dungeon-Int

  • (Sunday) Tricolor Dungeon-Novice

Collect valuable Descended Dungeon monster drops and Evolution materials whenever you want!


*The above dungeons will become available as soon as a P&D Pass subscription becomes active.

*The dungeons listed here will not award a first-time clear bonus Magic Stone

*Clearing any of the Descended Series dungeons will not fulfill the clear conditions for the [Descended] series of achievements under the [Achievements] menu.

*If the player does not meet the Stamina requirement to enter the dungeon, the dungeon will not be displayed under Special Dungeons. Stamina overflow does not change this requirement.

Select Awoken Skill Adjustments

  • The [Combo Orbs] Awoken Skill’s name has been changed to [Create Combo Orbs] *The skill’s activation requirements and effects have not been changed

  • The [Recover Bind] and [Skill Voice] Awoken Skills have had their effects adjusted

The Monster Box Search Filter UI has been changed

  • The Filter menu within the Monster Box Search function has been changed

  • The Perfect Match functionality within the Monster Box Search function has been changed.

*The above image was taken with the Custom Filter option set to ON. The Custom Filter option can be found under the [Others] menu by going to [Options] -> [System].

Unlock conditions for Monster Book entries have been expanded

Monsters encountered under the conditions below will now be listed in the Monster Book. Monsters unlocked this way will have their icons show as transparent.

  • Monsters used as Helpers and as Assist for Helpers when entering a dungeon.

Devolve/Evolution functionality for Monsters being used as Assists have been changed

Before Ver.18.5.2

  • Monsters in their Assist Evolution forms that were currently set as Assists were unable to be devolved.

Following the Ver.18.5.2 update

  • Monsters currently set as Assists are unable to be evolved or devolved regardless of their current Evolution form

*Please remove the assisting monster from its base monster before trying to evolve or devolve it.

General Improvements

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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