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Ver.18.7 Update

Ver.18.7 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

New Latent Awakening skills have been introduced, a new perk has been added to the P&D Pass subscription, and a new functionality has been added to the Monster Box search menu!

Additionally, players will now be able to watch in-app videos to fully recover their Stamina!

That’s not all! Numerous monsters have received evolutions and upgrades as well!

Read ahead for all the details.

iOS Compatibility

As Puzzle & Dragons continues to be updated on the iOS platform, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain compatibility with older operating systems while maintaining optimal in-game performance. Because of this, continued support for these older operating systems will be diminished. Puzzle & Dragons will now only support iOS versions 11.0 and higher.

For players using devices below iOS 11.0, we highly recommend updating your OS or moving to a device that supports iOS 11.0 or above.

For Data Transfer to another iOS device, see here:

For Data Transfer between different operating systems, please see here:

Please be aware that the aforementioned information may change at any time.

*Users on iOS versions below 11.0 will no longer be able to access the game.

*If you have questions regarding your device’s current operating system in use or on how to update it, please contact the device manufacturer.

Watch In-App Videos to Restore Stamina

Players will be able to watch in-app videos to restore their Stamina.

To watch a video, go to: Shop>Restore Stamina and tap “Watch”

In-app videos will be available to watch once every 24 hours, and will reset at 4:00 AM (UTC-8) every day.

Players will be able to fully restore their Stamina.

Stamina will be restored when the video is finished and the player is returned to the Puzzle & Dragons screen.

*Stamina will not be restored if players end the in-app video midway through. Stamina will be restored when players re-watch the in-app video.

*The Amazon Fire Tablet will not include this new function.

New Functions Added to the Monster Box Search Filter

  • Sub-Attributes may now be included when filtering by Attribute.

  • The Awoken Skill search Custom Filter now allows players to reorder by Most.

  • Super Awoken Skills, Assist Awoken Skills and Changed Awoken Skills may also be filtered and searched.

  • The Awoken Skill search Custom Filter now includes Latent Awoken Skills.

*The above images were taken with the Custom Filter option set to ON. The Custom Filter option can be found under the [Others] menu by going to [Options] -> [System].

New Perk added to the P&D Pass

As an additional perk, P&D Pass subscribers will now be able to use a P&D Pass exclusive badge that will extend Orb move time by 3 seconds.

*The Unlimited Max Team Cost Badge will change into the P&D Pass Exclusive Badge.

*If a dungeon has a Special Rule that affects Orb move time and/or a Team Cost limit, the Special Rule will have priority over the Badge effect.

*If a Leader Skill has a Orb move time limitation on a team, the Leader Skill will have priority over the Badge effect.

*The badge will only have it’s Unlimited Max Team Cost effect effective in 2-Player Mode.

For more information the P&D Pass, see here.

P&D Pass Subscription Cancelation Button Added

A button has been added that will allow players to cancel their P&D Pass subscription in-game.

To cancel your subscription, go to: Shop>P&D Pass and tap the ‘Cancel P&D Pass’ button at the bottom of the page.

Py Available for Skill Level-Up on Sub Attribute-Only Monsters

Flampy, Bubpy, Woodpy, Shynpy and Badpy will now be available to use in Skill Level-Up Fusion for Sub Attribute-only monsters.

*Each Attribute of Py will only increase skill level by 1.

New Awoken Skills have been Added

New Evolutions & Upgrades

With the update to Ver.18.7, numerous monsters such as Reincarnated Hino Kagutsuchi and Fire Wizard, Laila have received Evolutions!

Several monsters have also been upgraded with monsters such as Reincarnated Ancient Dragon Knight, Zeal and Reincarnated Sarasvati receiving the new Enhance Combos Awoken Skills!

Holy Night Greeter, Gremory has received upgrades with the addition of the new Enhanced Combos Awoken Skills! Additionally, Great Witch of the Holy Gates, Saline and Holy Light Flame Angel, Uriel will also have their Awoken Skills adjusted as well!

See here for more details:

Name Changes and Adjustments to Select Awoken Skills

  • The effect for Enhanced Team Recovery has been increased from 10% to 20%.

  • Enhanced Att. Awoken Skills has had their name changed to Enhanced Rows and their effects have been increased from 15% to 20%.

    • Ex.) Enhanced Fire Att. Matching a full row of Fire Orbs increases Fire Att. ATK (15%) Enhanced Fire Rows Matching a full row of Fire Orbs increases Fire Att. ATK (20%)

Additionally, in order to compensate for this balance change, monsters that meet the requirements below will have adjustments made.

Awoken Skill Adjustments

Monsters that have 5 or more Enhanced Rows Awoken Skills of the same Attribute will have 1 removed.

*Masked Rider Ryuki will be an exception to this.

Skill Adjustments

Skills that increase ATK depending on the number of Enhanced Rows Awoken Skills within a team will have their effects increased.



Select Leader Skills Adjustments

Fixed Damage Leader Skills will now be able to do damage to enemy monsters regardless of Damage Absorption and Damage Void states.

New Attack Effects have been Added

Players may now toggle new attack effects.

To toggle the new effects, go to: Others>Options>Dungeon and turn On “New Effects”.

*New Effects will be set to Off by default.

Players With Title Badges May Now Select Which One to Display

Players that have received multiple Title Badges will now be able to select which Badge to display next to their username.

To change Title Badges, go to: Others>User Info>Title Settings and choose which Title you would like to display.

*Changes may take up to 24 hours to display on other devices.

General Improvements

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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