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Ver.19.2 Update

Ver.19.2 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

Ver. 19.2 brings a new Monster Search feature, and more!

See below to see everything that the update has to offer!

New Monster Search Feature Added!

A new Monster Search has been added to the Others menu!

The Monster Search will allow players to search monsters by monster name, Skill name, Skill details, and more! There’s a variety of sorting and filtering options as well as the option to search unobtained monsters as well!

How to use the Monster Search

The Monster Search feature will be added under [Others].

Search Bar & Search Feature

  • Players will be able to search by typing in monster names and Skill names in the search bar.

  • The Skill, Leader Skill, and Super Awakening buttons will allow players to filter searches.

  • Press Clear to clear all filters and text.

Attribute and Type Filtering

  • Players can filter the search by Attribute, Sub Attribute, and Type.

  • Players can choose to sort by “and”/”or” as well.

Assist and Obtained Filtering

  • Tap on the [<<] button to show/hide the Assist and Owned filtering option.

  • When the Assist filter is on, monsters that are able to Assist will be shown.

  • When the Obtained filter is on, only monsters that you have obtained will be shown.

Search Results and Sorting Option

  • Monsters that fit your search criteria will be displayed in the search results. Players can further sort these results by using designated buttons such as the ‘No’ (Monster number) and ‘Att.’ (Attribute) buttons.

  • The stats shown in white text shows the monster’s stats at its maximum value. The stats shown in yellow text shows the monster’s stats at its +297 value.

  • If a user owns the monster, the amount will be shown at the bottom left of the monster icon.

  • Players can see the Evo Line by tapping the monster icon or monster name.

  • When the Owned filter is being shown, players will be able to sort the search results by No. Owned.


If a user has checked a Monster’s Evo Line, that Monster will be shown in the History menu.


Players can filter the search by Awoken Skills.


*The Monster Search feature will not be available on certain devices running Android OS 5.0 and lower. In addition, the Monster Search may take time to load on certain devices.

*New Monsters and upgrades may take time to appear in the Monster Search. If the information shown in the Monster Search is not updated, please try again at a later time.

*Certain monsters that appear in dungeons will be searchable when its icon is shown in the Monster Book.

*The Monster Search feature will not be available during maintenance.

LV.110, LV.120 Status, and Super Awakenings May Be Viewed In the Monster Box

Players can now check a Monster’s Status at Lv.110 and Lv.120, as well as the Super Awakenings available to them by going to [Others] >[Monster Book].

Skill Search Added

Players can now go to [Monster Box] > [Change Order] and choose [Skill] to search for monsters by Skill name or by Skill effect.

Ex: Searching for monsters with a Skill that voids damage absorption.

*If a changed form has an applicable Skill, its Base monster will show up in the search results.

Assisted Monsters Will Now Be Viewable From Assisting Monsters

Players can now check Assisted Monsters through Assisting Monsters in menus such as the Monster Box, by tapping the top right corner.

See Other Players’ Assist Monster Details

Assist information for Friends, Best Friends, and User’s Leader can now be checked from the [Friend List], [Select a Helper], and [Enter Dungeon] menu by tapping on the monster.

Monsters Can Now Be Set as Favorites After Trading Monsters at the Monster Exchange

Players can now hold on the icon of a traded monster to set the monster as a Favorite when the ‘Exchange Complete’ dialogue is shown.

General Improvements

  • After clearing the last floor of a Quest Dungeon, the screen will now show floors of the dungeon rather than the dungeon list.

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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