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Ver.19.4 Update

Ver.19.4 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

Ver.19.4 brings the 8-Player Multiplayer Mode, new Awakening Skills, and more!

8-Player Mode (PvP) Arrives!

The 8-Player Mode (PvP) arrives to Puzzle & Dragons!

8-Player Mode (PvP) will only require a minimum of two players to start so get together with a friend to enjoy this new mode!

See here for more details on the 8-Player Mode (PvP) Mode:

See here for more information about OS compatibility with 8-Player Mode (PvP):

Watch in-App Videos for up to 4 Free Egg Machine Pulls a Day!

Players will now be able to watch in-app videos to receive up to 4 free pulls from the Video Egg Machine a day!

In-app videos will be available to watch up to 4 times every 24 hours, and will reset at 4:00 AM (UTC-8) every day. All 4 videos can be watched in succession during the same 24 hour period.

The number of in-app videos that are available to watch will now be indicated with a blue icon at the bottom of your screen.

To watch a video, go to Machine and select the [FREE] Video Egg Machine.

Players will receive one free pull from the Video Egg Machine when the video is finished.

Once all 4 videos have been watched for the day, players will be able to see the remaining time left until the next reset!

See here for full lineup:

The Tutorial Can Now Be Skipped

There will now be an option to skip the tutorial at the beginning of the game. Press the [Begin] button to play through the tutorial to learn the basics of Puzzle & Dragons or the [Skip] button to skip the entire tutorial.

See here for the Tutorial Overview:

Nail Orbs Will Be Added

A skill that will cause Nail Orbs to appear at a certain rate will be added.

Matching Nail Orbs will deal damage equivalent to 1% of the enemy’s maximum HP for each Nail Orb after the normal attack.

*Monsters and characters with this skill will be implemented in the future.

New Awoken Skills Have Been Added

The following Awoken Skills have been added!

The Two-Pronged Attack Awoken Skill Has Been Adjusted

The Two-Pronged Attack Awoken Skill has been adjusted!

‘News’ Button on the Menu Screen Will Be Changed to the ‘WEB’ Button

The ‘News’ button on the menu screen will be changed to a ‘WEB’ button, allowing players to access the Monster Search feature and the Puzzle & Dragons official Facebook!

‘Monster & Skill’ Button Has Been Added to the Search Bar

A new ‘Monster & Skill’ search option has been added when searching for Monster names and Skills in menus such as the Monster Box.

Words that are entered in the search bar with this option will display monsters that match either the monster name, series name, skill name, or skill description.

Players Will Now Be Able to Check Stamina Overflow Amount

Players will now be able to check the amount of Stamina that is overflowing in the Stamina section in [Others]-[User Info]-[Play History].

New Sort Icon Has Been Added to the Monster Search

A new sort icon will be added to the Monster Search screen which will allow players to sort and search for monsters without a primary attribute.

P&D Pass Subscribers Can Now Use the [Recover Purchase] Button

The [Recover Purchase] button will now be displayed for active P&D Pass subscribers. If the automatic renewal is not performed for any reason, pressing this button will retrieve the latest information and may complete the renewal of the P&D Pass.

*When using the [Recover Purchase] button, please do so in an environment or location with good communication conditions such as stable Wi-Fi.

Master Fagan's Training-Novice Stamina Cost Change

The Stamina Cost for Solo-play only Special Dungeon, Master Fagan's Training-Novice has been reduced from 10 to 5. This dungeon is a beginner friendly dungeon made up of six floors, and a new floor will be unlocked each time a floor is cleared.

For more information on Master Fagan’s Training-Novice, see here:

General Improvements

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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