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Ver.19.9 Update

Ver.19.9 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

This update will bring a first clear reset in Normal Dungeons, brand new features such as receiving mail in bulk, and adjustments to the Bonus Attack Awoken Skill and Killer Awoken Skills!

See below for details on the new changes this update will bring!

Stamina Will No Longer Be Consumed for the First Clear in Normal Dungeons

Players will be able to challenge Normal Dungeons at 0 Stamina Cost until the first clear.

Normal Dungeon Clear Status Reset

Normal Dungeons will have their clear status reset after the maintenance.

Players who have cleared the dungeons previously will be able clear them again to receive first-time reward Magic Stones.

Affected Dungeons Stage 1-1: Departure Tower - Stage 3-14: Legendary Earth

*Players who haven’t cleared Training Arena-No Continues prior to the reset will need to clear Legendary Earth to unlock Training Arena-No Continues.

Receive Specific Items in Bulk From the Mailbox

Players will be able to receive Magic Stones, Coins, Pal Points, + Points, and Monster Points in bulk from their mailbox screen through [Sort/Receive] > [Receive All].

New Effects Added to Killer Awoken Skills

The upper damage capacity for Killer Awoken Skills will increase by 1.2x against affected enemy monsters.

*Having multiple of the same Awoken Skills will not increase the multiplier.

*The effect will not stack with other upper damage capacity effects.

Select Awoken Skill Have Been Adjusted

New Matching Bonuses Have Been Added

New Matching Bonuses have been added to the dungeons below:

  • Ranking Dungeon

  • REMDra Fever

  • 8-Player Mode (PvP)

Purchase Multiple Monsters From the Monster Purchase at Once

Players will now be able to purchase up to 30 of the same monster from the Monster Purchase at once.

*Please confirm the quantity before making a purchase for high value monsters.

The [Change Order] Menu Has Been Adjusted

  • The UI and display content for the [Change Order] menu has been adjusted

  • Players can now search by Leader Skills

Players will be able to search for monsters with the corresponding Leader Skill by selecting predetermined search parameters.

Players will be able to change the order of the Sorting Buttons through [Monster Box] >[Change Order] > [Useful] > [Reorder Sorting Buttons]

Toggle Warnings Displayed When Performing Power-Up Fusion and Selling Monsters

Players will be able to turn On/Off the warning prompt that is displayed when a monster that has had a Level Limit Breakthrough and/or Awakenings performed is selected to be fused or sold. [Others] > [Options] > [System]

*The Default is [On].

  • The warning prompt displayed when using or selling ★3+ monsters will be removed.

The following warning prompt will no longer be displayed:

Alt. Dimension of the Mystic-No Continues Adjustments

The following points have been adjusted for the Technical Dungeon, Alt. Dimension of the Mystic-No Continues:

  • The floor configuration has been adjusted

Rarity and Cost Adjustments

The rarity and costs of Reincarnated and Super Reincarnated monsters have been adjusted.

General Improvements

  • The maximum amount of Pal Points have been increased from 50,000 to 500,000.

  • Memorial TAMADRA; 2,000 Days Anniversary TAMADRA; and 3,000 Days Anniversary TAMADRA will no longer stack and will be available to add to Favorites.

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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