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Ver.20.2 Update

Ver.20.2 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

This update will bring brand new features and adjustments such as the renewal of score rewards for scored floors and more.

See below for details on the new changes this update will bring!

Score Rewards for Scored Floors Renewed

Score rewards for clearing scored floors have been renewed.

Additionally, the scoring process will be adjusted and will only show the highest score the player scored.

With this update, players’ high score and availability to receive score rewards will be reset. Players can receive the renewed score rewards by clearing the scored floors after the maintenance.

Custom Filter Will Be Available by Default

The Awoken Skill search Custom Filter will now be available by default.

*Any filters set while [Custom Filter] was turned [OFF] prior to the maintenance will be reset.

*The [Custom Filter] option will be removed from [Others] > [Options] > [System].

Select Floors Added to P&D Exclusive Dungeons

The P&D Pass Exclusive Dungeon, Descended Series-Annihilation 2 will have new floors such as Shiva Dragon Descended!-Assists Invalid added. These floors will be available to challenge at any time!

See here for details on the dungeons and floors:

Color Blind Mode for Text Windows

Color Blind Mode now supports text windows. Players can turn the function on from [Others] > [Options] > [Dungeon] > [Color Blind Mode for text windows].

*The default setting will be [OFF].

  • Text window color when [Color Blind Mode for text window] is [ON]

Skill Cut-in Display

The Skill Cut-in function will be added! This function will display a Skill Cut-in in dungeons when skills are used for select monsters when toggled [ON].

*Monsters with the Skill Cut-In display will be added at a later date.

*Players can toggle the function from [Others] > [Options] > [Dungeon] > [Cut-in display when skills used].

*The default setting will be [ON].

General Improvements

  • The amount of + Points that can be received has increased for select dungeons.

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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