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Ver.21.1 Update

Ver.21.1 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

See below for details on the new changes this update will bring!

Login Stamps Arrives! 

When logging in during a specified duration of an event, receive rewards according to the number of days you have logged in during the event. 

Additionally, the PAD Appreciation Celebration Special Login Stamp will start 12/25, 4:00 (PST)! 

*Rewards will be sent in-mail. 

*Earned rewards can be viewed from [Others]>[Login Stamp].

*Rewards are received based on the total number of days logged in during the period. It is not based on logging in to a specific date.

EX: If there is a reward for the 5th login day,

The reward will only be received by logging in for a total of 5 days during the duration of the Login Stamp.

As long as the total is 5 days, login days do not need to be consecutive. 

The reward for the 5th day will not be rewarded by logging in only on the 5th day of the month, since the total number of days logged in is one. 

(Rewards for 1 login day will be received.) 

*Login days will count 1 day from 4:00 am to 3:59 am (PST) of the next day.

*[Login Stamp] may not be displayed when starting the game with a new account.

(Rewards will be received as normal. Earned rewards can be viewed from in-mail or  [Others]>[Login Stamp].)

*Depending on the player’s device, some parts of the [Login Stamp] screen may not display properly.

(Rewards will be received as normal.) 


New Awoken Skill

*Select Halloween monsters have received this new Awoken skill. 

Please check in-game for more details.

4-Player Mode (PvP)

Skills added to 4-PvP Icons! Additionally, New 4-PvP Icons Added! 

Just like the Monsters that were chosen during Team Building for the 4-Player Mode (PvP), 4-PvP Icons will now be able to accumulate Skill Turns and players can use the Skill by tapping the 4-PvP Icon.

*From select screens such as [4-PvP Icon Purchase/Setting], players can check each 4-PvP Icon’s Skill by tapping on them. 

New 4-PvP Icons Added!

In addition, this update will allow players to receive another free 4-PvP Icon.

*This will only apply to players who have chosen and received a free 4-PvP Icon before the Update.

Skill details of each 4-PvP Icon











Red Carbuncle

Blue Carbuncle

Green Carbuncle

Yellow Carbuncle

Purple Carbuncle

Monsters Already Chosen or Shown Can Be Checked From [Monster Pool]

Players can check monsters currently in their team and monsters that were shown as candidates, from the Monster Pool. 

  • Waiting before building a team (during the Second and Third Rounds)

  • During team building

  • Waiting after building a team

Special Matching Bonus Calculation Details Added to Results! 

[Monster Search] Is Renewed! 

  • The design of the [Monster Search] screen has been renewed! 

  • [Change] added to the search conditions. When set to OFF, Base form and Post-Change monsters will not be displayed.

  • [Rarity] added to the search conditions. Monsters with the specified rarity will only be displayed.

  • [3rd Att.] added to the search conditions.  Monsters with the specified Third Attribute will only be displayed.

  • [Assist] removed from the search conditions. 

Search Field Added to [Change Orb] & [Change BGM] 

[Change Orb] and [Change BGM] will prioritize displaying results related to the word in the search field. 

Under [Change BGM], players can search for either the BGM set name or the BGM name.

EX: When searching [Christmas], the contents of the [Christmas BGM Set] - [Joyful Snowy Path] and [Fun to the World] will be given priority.

The BGM Set name will be displayed on the confirmation screen, when setting a new BGM. 

New Upgrades! 

Select monsters will be receiving new upgrades!

See here for more details:

General Improvements

  • Latent Awakenings [Jammer Surge Resist.] and [Poison Surge Resist.] will now also have an effect on Orbs falling next that can be seen with [Skyfall Foresight]. 

  • Skills of select Collab characters that contain Orb Types in the text of the Skill descriptions, will now display Orb icons instead.

  • A new category, Total Lv120 Monsters, has been added to Achievement Rewards Set, Maniacs 2! See here for more details:

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


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