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Ver.21.3 Update

Ver.21.3 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

See below for details on the new changes this update will bring!

The Supported OS of the App Will Be Changed to iOS 12.0 or Higher

Players using devices below iOS 12.0 will not be able to play unless their iOS is updated.

For players using devices below iOS 12.0, we highly recommend updating your OS or moving to a device that supports iOS 12.0 or above.

For Data Transfer to another iOS device, please see here:

For Data Transfer between different operating systems, please see here:

As a Perk of the P&D Pass, Players Will Be Able to Use Various Badges

Examples of badges that will be available:

See here for more information on the P&D Pass:

Additionally, the effects of some badges will be adjusted.

The [Text Search] Function Will Be Expanded

With [Text Search], players will be able to search for monsters that match the entered texts in each of the following three categories.

  • Monster name, series name, or event name (Greco-Roman, PAD Valentine, etc.)

  • Name or description of Skill

  • Name or description of Leader Skill

Players will also be able to search using multiple texts separated by spaces.

Players will be able to clear the entered texts by tapping the [x] button.

Players can switch whether or not to display [Text Search] by tapping the [Text Search] button in [Change Order].

In the Monster Book, Applicable Monsters Will Be Displayed with Filter Settings, including Super Awoken Skills

Players can now display monsters that only match the chosen combination in the [Awoken] filter, including [Super Awoken] Skills.

When Assigning an Assist, Fully Awaken the Assistant Monster and Set It As Assist

When attempting to assign a monster as an Assist that is not fully Awoken, players will be able to fully Awaken it with the required number of TAMADRA on the spot and assign it to Assist.

New Awoken Skill

The Effect of Select Awoken Skill Will Be Adjusted

Select Features of 4-Player Mode (PvP) Will Be Added to 8-Player Mode (PvP)

Check Information Such As Matching Bonuses by Tapping the [?] Button

Select the display position on the right or left by [Others] > [Options] > [Dungeon] > [Multiplayer (PvP) [?] Button Display].

The Status of the Max Bonuses Will Be More Noticeable

Announcement for Max Bonuses when received or stolen will be changed.

When receiving Max Bonuses, badges will be displayed on-screen.

Acquisition Conditions for [Max Special Matching Bonus] Will Be Adjusted

The Special Matching Bonus points will increase depending on the number of times the Special Matching Bonus is activated and the number of types. The player who has the highest Special Matching Bonus points will be selected for the [Max Special Matching Bonus].

New Ordeal Evolutions

A New Series, Egyptian Gods, Has Been Added

See here for details on Ordeal Dungeon of Egyptian Gods:

World's Omnipotent God, Zeus Verse Has Received a New Ordeal Evolution

See here for details on Ordeal Dungeon of Greco-Roman Gods:

Display Select Numbers by Abbreviating the Number of Digits with M and G during Battles

The Attack Multiplier on the board and the select monster's Attack Multiplier and Damage Amount will be displayed in units of M when they exceed 1,000,000 and G when they exceed 1,000,000,000.

(Ex:) "123,456,789 → 123.456M" "2,147,483,647 → 2.147G"

*Players can use this function by toggling the [Abbreviated dmg amount] option to [On] from the [Others] > [Options] > [Dungeon] menu.

Monster Box Size Will Be Increased

The Monster Box size for new players will increase from 200 to 500.

*Due to the increase in the initial size, those who have been playing Puzzle & Dragons before the update will also receive an additional 300 box spaces.

Additionally, the maximum size of Monster Box will increase from 20,000 to 20,500.

General Improvements

  • The new floor, Supergravity (0.2% ATK), has been added to Endless Corridors-Supergravity!

See here for details on Endless Corridors-Supergravity:

  • Some login stamps that were not displayed when logging in will now be displayed.

(Ex:) If the login stamp counts 1 day from 18:00 to 17:59 of the next day, the login stamp will be displayed when the game is restarted after 18:00.

  • The ongoing Ranking Dungeon will also be displayed in the [Dungeon] > [Special Dungeons] menu.

  • When performing Max Enhancement on a monster with the Awoken Skill, Awoken Assist, [Latent Awkn Extra Slot(s)] will no longer be displayed.

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


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