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Watch In-App Videos to Restore Stamina Twice a Day!

[Starting]: 6/2 (Wed), 4:00 (UTC-8)

Players will now be able to watch in-app videos to restore their Stamina up to 2 times a day!

In-app videos are available to watch two times a day, and will reset at the times below:

-4:00 (UTC-8)

-16:00 (UTC-8)

To watch a video, go to: Shop>Restore Stamina and tap “Watch Video [Free]”

Stamina will be restored when the video is finished and the player is returned to the Puzzle & Dragons screen.

*Stamina will not be restored if players end the in-app video midway through. Stamina will be restored when players re-watch the in-app video.


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