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8-Player Mode (PvP) Arrives!

[Update] 4/17/2024: Select information on this page has been updated.

1. Play Anytime! Auto-Match!

Select [Search for Players (Auto-Match)].

Select Dungeon/Floor.

Selecting [Search for Players] will start the matching process. When 8 players are matched, the game will begin!

*Due to limitations on the current environment, 8-Player Mode (PvP) will have at least 4 COMs joining each match.

*The Skill and Leader Skill used for Fixed Teams in 8-Player Mode (PvP) are all 8-Player Mode specific Skills.

*The matching will be canceled if there are less than 8 players.

2. Play with Friends! Room ID Games!

Have your friend join a room you create!

Only a minimum of two players is required to start the game, so share your Room ID and have everyone join!

How to create a Room

Select [Create a Room (Room ID)].

Select Dungeon/Floor.

Share the Room ID (8 digits) on the screen.

How to enter the Room ID

To join a room, select [Enter a Room ID].

Enter the 8 digit Room ID and press [Search].

Enter the room, and press [Ready] when you are ready to play.

When all players have pressed [Ready], the player who created the room can press [Begin PvP] to start the game!

*If there are less than 8 players, a COM will be added to the empty slots.


There are three levels of COMs; Novice, Intermediate and Expert.

The empty slots will be filled in by 2 Novice COMs, followed by 2 Intermediate and 2 Expert respectively, depending on the number of slots open.

Enter Dungeon Screen

On the Enter Dungeon screen, players can tap [Team Info] to look up information on their Fixed Team, or [Check the Rules] to see if there are any special rules for the dungeon.

*The Skill and Leader Skill used for Fixed Teams in 8-Player Mode (PvP) are all 8-Player Mode specific Skills.

3. Start Puzzling with 8 Players!

Once there are 8 players, the game will start.

During the battle, the provisional rankings will be displayed on the left and will change in accordance to the player’s scores.

8-Player Mode (PvP) Specific Skills

The Fixed Teams for 8-Player Mode (PvP) will have special 8-Player Mode specific Skills and Leader Skills. The icons and skill names will be shown in green and will have various effects, some of which will affect other players.

Make sure to utilize these skills to your advantage to win the battle!

[?] Button

When pressing down on the [?] button, players can check information such as Matching Bonuses.

Orbs During 8-Player Mode (PvP)

All players will start with the same Orbs and will have the same Orbs fall.

*Orbs created from Skills will be an exception to this.

Scores and Results

Scores will be calculated once the dungeon is cleared or if the timer runs out. Even if other players clear the dungeon first, players will be able to keep playing as long as the timer does not run out.

Each player’s score and ranking will be listed.

Then, the players who have achieved Max Bonuses will be announced and scores will be added accordingly.

Max Bonus

Players who get the highest damage, highest combo and the most special matching bonuses will receive a Max Bonus which will be added to the player’s score.

Max Bonus Types

  • Max Combo Bonus...10,000 Points

    • Acquisition Condition: 7 Combos or more

  • Max Damage Bonus...10,000 Points

    • Acquisition Condition: 1 Damage or more

  • Max Special Matching Bonus… 10,000 Points

    • Acquisition Condition: 5 Matching Bonuses or more

Matching Bonuses

Each time select Awoken Skills are activated, players will receive a bonus to their score.

*The monsters on a player’s team must have the specific Awoken Skills to receive the Matching Bonus.

*The same Standard Point Value will apply to the enhanced versions of Awoken Skills, such as + and x3.

Battle Points (BP) and Event Points (EP) will be rewarded according to your final


Battle Points

Battle Points (BP) are points that can be obtained based on the final ranking of an 8-Player Mode (PvP) match. Rewards can be obtained through the [Achievements] menu.

Event Points

Event Points (EP) can be obtained by playing Event Dungeons via Auto-Match.

*Event Dungeons will be available via Room Match but will not reward Event Points (EP).

Playing Again With the Same Players

Players can choose to play the dungeon again with the same players in Room Match.

After the Result screen, a text box will appear asking if the player would like to play again. Selecting [Yes] will take the player to the Enter Dungeon screen where they will wait for other players to join. Pressing “No” will cancel the matching process.

*The Play Again prompt will not show up for Auto-Match games.

*COM will be chosen at random again.

4. Multiplayer Mode (PvP) Achievement Rewards Arrive!

Multiplayer Mode (PvP) will have Achievement Rewards! Players can receive various rewards such as Magic Stones and Event Medal - Rainbow by playing the Multiplayer Mode (PvP). There will also be rewards such as 10 Magic Stones and the [Warlord] title for clearing all of the achievements within a given category!

Get together with other players and be sure to claim all of the Achievement Clear Rewards!

Please check the [Achievement] tab in-game, for more details.

How to check for BP/EP

The amount of BP/EP obtained can be checked under PvP Data in the [8-Player Mode (PvP)] menu.


*In this mode, 8 players will enter the dungeon simultaneously and compete based on their scores.

*The battle will end once the dungeon is cleared or if the timer runs to 0. The final results will be announced based on the added scores that players have obtained through their performance and Max Bonuses that have been achieved.

*Even if other players clear the dungeon first, players will be able to keep playing as long as the timer does not run out.

*Players will be required to use a Fixed Team to challenge the dungeons.

*Continues are not allowed.

*After entering the dungeon, if the game is interrupted in any way, such as switching over to another screen, setting the device into sleep mode, or restarting your app, the dungeon will result in a Game Over.

*After clearing the dungeon, please stay on the Clear! screen until other players have cleared the dungeon or time runs out.

*BP/EP will not be obtainable from matches resulting in a Game Over or a score of 0.

*Achievement Rewards can be received once the requirements are met. All rewards will be sent via in-game mail. It may take some time for the in-game mail to show up in the inbox.


*Fixed Teams for 8-Player Mode (PvP) will use Skills and Leader Skills that are specific to 8-Player Mode (PvP).

*EP will not be obtainable through Room Match. To receive EP, players will need to enter the Event Dungeon through Auto-Match.

*EP will reset after every event. Points will not be carried over into the next event.

*The maximum BP and EP a player can have is 999,999,999. Players will not be able to receive BP and EP beyond this limit. Please note that a message indicating that the limit has been exceeded will not be displayed.

*If it is suspected that there has been any manipulation of data, use of unlicensed programs, or any suspicious activities, those suspected of such activities can be suspended/banned from joining 8-Player Mode (PvP).

*If a high score is obtained by methods that take away from the competitive aspect of the event or in a way that severely harms balance, there is a possibility that the event will be canceled prematurely.

*When unauthorized activity is confirmed, actions may be taken to prevent further tampering or unauthorized activity, such as account suspensions.

*The details and conditions stated on this page may be subject to change without notice or compensation.

*Achievement Rewards can only be earned once.

*Clicking on the “Receive” button in the Achievements menu will send rewards to you via in-game mail.

*To receive Achievement Rewards, players must have available space in their in-game mail.

*Gifts via in-game mail have expiration dates. When an in-game mail expires, attached monsters, Magic Stones, Dungeons, Coins, and any points such as Pal Points will become unredeemable.

For more details on in-game mail expiration dates, see here.


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