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Jugglus Juggler Descended! Arrives!

[Duration]: 9/29, 0:00 - 10/9, 17:59 (UTC-8)

Jugglus Juggler Descended! arrives!

This dungeon will only be available in the Absolute Annihilation difficulty level!

Additionally, the 3-Player Multiplayer dungeon, Multiplayer! Jugglus Juggler Descended! will be available as well!

Having Ultraman Event characters in your team in this dungeon will raise their parameters!

Fight your way through battles with powerful characters to make your way to the final battle where Jugglus Juggler awaits! Jugglus Juggler will drop when defeated! Ultraman Event Medals will also have a chance of dropping!

Players will receive a special reward for clearing Jugglus Juggler Descended! for the first time!

First-Time Clear Reward

1x pull from Clear Reward! ★6+ Ultraman Egg Machine

See here for more information on the Ultraman Event:



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