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Super Player’s Choice Godfest Survey

The Puzzle & Dragons team will be conducting a survey to choose the next monster to be featured in the Super Player’s Choice Godfest!

This time there will be 4 voting categories in total and the monsters with the most votes will be included in the lineup for the Super Player’s Choice Godfest, scheduled on a later date!

Every vote will grant an Event Medal - Rainbow as well, so make sure to vote for your favorite monsters!

Based on the voting results, the top 15 most voted-for ★7 & ★8 Fest Exclusives, top 15 most voted-for ★6 Fest Exclusives, and the top 40 most voted-for God Series monsters will form the lineup of the Godfest!

*Select monsters will arrive in their post-Evolution form in this Godfest lineup.

Survey Schedule

  • [Duration]: 1/6, 0:00 - 1/10, 23:59 (PST) Super Player’s Choice 1… God Series: First Half Super Player’s Choice 2… God Series: Second Half

  • [Duration]: 1/11, 0:00 - 1/15, 23:59 (PST) Super Player’s Choice 3… ★6 Fest Exclusives

  • [Duration]: 1/12, 12:00 - 1/17, 11:59 (PST) Super Player’s Choice 4… ★7 & ★8 Fest Exclusives

*For more information on the monsters listed on the survey, see [Other] - [Super Player’s Choice] in the game application during the survey period.

How To Vote

See below for information regarding how to vote!

1. To open the voting form, select [Other] from the bottom of the game application and select a category you’d like to vote for.

2. Check to make sure you’re voting in the intended category. Choose 1 monster from the select monsters displayed in each row. Once you’ve selected the monsters you want to vote for from each row, press [Confirm Selection] at the bottom of the page.

3. A confirmation screen will appear if you have selected a monster from each row. Please review your selections before pressing [Submit Survey].


*This survey may only be accessed through the game application.

*It is recommended that players use Wi-Fi when voting.

*During each voting period, players will be able to check the contents of their vote, but may not check the contents of a previous voting period that has already ended.

*Once a vote has been submitted, it may not be changed or canceled.

*In the case that a player cannot start the game application due to causes such as maintenance, they will not be able to vote.

*If any unforeseen fraud is confirmed by the Puzzle & Dragons team, this event may be changed or canceled.

*We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this survey without prior notice.

*The survey category buttons will be displayed the night before the first day of the event. In the case that the button does not appear, please return to the title screen and log in again.


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