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Ver.21.2 Update

Ver.21.2 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

See below for details on the new changes this update will bring!

New Awoken Skills

  • The Awoken Skill icons above will be displayed on floors where skills will take effect.

Awoken Skills and Orb Lock Removal Skill in Skill Descriptions Displayed as Icons

*Relevant skills can be searched in Skill Search by entering Awoken Skill names.

*Skill descriptions of skills with Orbs that are locked as they appear will not be displayed with a lock icon.

When Evolving Monsters, Use EXP Stock to Reach Its Max Level

In the case where a monster does not have the required level to evolve, EXP Stock can be used on the spot to help the monster reach its Max Level and evolve.

Extra Latent Awakening Slots Can be Unlocked at Max Enhance

Latent TAMADRA (Extra Slot) can now be fused through Max Enhance to unlock extra slots for Latent Awakenings!

*[Latent Awkn Extra Slot(s)] will not be available for monsters with a maximum of 6 Latent Awakening slots.

Monster Book Can Now Display Monsters of the Evolution Line in the Monster Box for Enhancements

The [Display Evo line in Box] button has been added to the Monster Book.

When selecting the button, the Monster Box will be displayed, where players can view the monster and the Evolution line of the selected monster.

In addition, players can move onto the Enhance menu or any other selections.

*The [Display Evo line in Box] button in the Monster Book will only be available for monsters and/or evolutions already owned.

*The [Display Evo line in Box] button will not be available for stackable monsters.

*By tapping the “x” button on the [Evo line Only] button, you may exit out of the Monster Box window.

Sorting Options Expanded in Monster Book and Screen to Select Desired Monsters for Trade

  • [Leader Search] button added.

[Monster], [Skill], and [Monster & Skill] buttons are combined into a single [Text Search]. 

  • The following options will be added to Sorting Options:

[ATK] [HP] [RCV]

[Collab] [No. Owned] [EXP Value]

[Sale Price] [Monster Pts] [Skill Turns]

  • [Standard/Reverse] switch button added.

  • [Owned only (Evo included)] checkbox added.

When checked, the Number Owned will be shown above the monster icon.

  • Any monsters outside of the selected [Filter] categories will not be shown (only applies to Monster Book).

Max Bonuses Will Be More Noticeable in 4-Player Mode (PvP)

  • Announcement for Max Bonuses when received or stolen will be changed.

  • When receiving Max Bonuses, badges will be displayed on-screen.

New Ordeal Evolutions! 

Super Reincarnated Hades and Super Reincarnated Artemis have received new Ordeal Evolutions!

See here for more details:

General Improvements

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.

Notice of Existing Bug

  • We have confirmed that certain devices are experiencing an issue with icons and/or names protruding from pop-ups during Ordeal Evolutions for the following monsters:

    • Underlord of the Divine Transcendence, Hades

    • Huntress of the Divine Transcendence, Artemis

    • Guardian of the Divine Transcendence, Athena

    • Ocean Deity of the Divine Transcendence, Neptune

The issue is isolated as a display issue only and has no effect on the Ordeal Evolution itself. The issue is planned to be fixed in a future update. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.


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