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Ver. 13.0 Update!

Version 13.0 has arrived, and it brings a big change to Latent Awakening along with other functionality improvements!

Orb Movement Time Extended

The base time for moving orbs has been extended from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.

Latent Awakening Slots Have Been Increased to 6

The standard amount of Latent Awakening Skill slots has been increased to 6 for all monsters.

*Latent Awakening Skill slots will not expand to 7 or more slots.

★ In accordance with this change to the Latent Awakening system, changes have been made to the Extra Latent Slot TAMADRA.

  1. Its name has been changed to Gold TAMADRA.

  2. Monster Type has been changed to Redeemable Material.

  3. It will now be worth 10,000,000 coins when sold.

★ Select Quest completion rewards have been changed. Certain Quest completion rewards in Maniacs Quests have been changed.

Total +297 Monsters

Total Crowns

Total Awoken Skills

*If a player has already completed these select Quests and has received the Extra Latent Slot TAMADRA Quest rewards, they will be able receive the new rewards after the respective Quest rewards change.

Special Dungeon Scores and Rewards Reset

After the update, players will be able to obtain rewards again based on their score by clearing select floors of scored Special Dungeons.

Score rewards have been renewed.

S Rank: Rainbowpy

A Rank: Jewel of Creation

B Rank: Pixelit


*Score rewards may differ depending on the dungeon.

*Players who clear scored Special Dungeon floors after the update and obtain an S Rank will receive all of the rewards from C Rank to S Rank.

* Rewards can only be received once per Rank.

*If players had cleared these dungeons in a previous iteration, some dungeons and floors may appear as cleared after the update. However, if the score has been reset, players can receive the rewards by clearing the selected floors again.

*The scores for the ongoing Sweet Valentine and Fire Warchief Dragon-7x6 Board Special Dungeons will be reset after the update.

*The score for the Multiplayer dungeon Score Attack Dungeon has been reset.

*In addition to the scores being reset, the method of calculating scores has been adjusted.

• For dungeons with the 7x6 Board rule or leader skill that changes the board size to 7x6, your score will be deducted according to the combo count.

• For average rarity, any monsters that are not set within the team slots will be calculated as 0 rarity.

• The score calculation method when defeating monsters using damage Skills has been changed.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements

Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.

iOS Compatibility Changes

Puzzle & Dragons is no longer compatible with iOS lower than 8.0. We recommend users on iOS upgrade their systems to 8.0 or above.

Note: *All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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