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Ver. 15.0 Update!

Version 15.0 has arrived! This update brings multiple improvements to the Plus Points system, Monster Enhancement system, new Gem Evo Material monsters, and more! See below for more details.

+ Value Changes + values will now be stored as “+ Points”. Players can check the amount of + Points they currently possess by viewing the + Enhance menu, found in the Monster Enhancements section of the Monster menu.

*The two + Point amounts each display the total amount of + Points in your possession.

How to Obtain + Points ① Sell monsters that have + Points.

*After this update, selling monsters with + values attached will no longer grant players bonus Coins. *If a player sells a +297 monster without having previously completed the Total +297 Monsters Maniacs Quests, they will lose progress in completing the quest.

② Obtain + Egg Drops in Dungeons. Upon obtaining an egg with a + on it, the + Points will automatically be added to your total after the dungeon clear screen has been displayed.

*Any + values on Awaken Material monsters will automatically be removed and converted into + Points following the maintenance. *Any TAMADRA that were offered up for trade before the maintenance began with + values or Latent Awoken Skills attached will have their + values automatically converted into + Points following the maintenance once the trade has been completed or canceled. Latent Awoken Skills will be removed from the TAMADRA and be placed into the player’s Monster Box as a Latent TAMADRA.

Monster Enhancements “Monster Enhancements” has been added to the Monster menu. Players can now enhance their monsters with Skill Level-Up Fusion, + Enhance, and more.

*Monsters can still be fused via Power-Up Fusion. *Using the “Fuse#” sort function in the Monster Box will not take into account the number of times monsters have received + Enhance, Awakening, or Super Awakening via the Monster Enhancements menu.

Skill Level-Up Fusion

① Monsters that are able to receive a Skill Level-Up will automatically be displayed.

② After selecting a Base Monster and tapping “Select Skill Level-Up monsters”, monsters that can be used as Skill Level-Up materials will be displayed.

*Monsters with an MP value of under 3,000 will be displayed as selectable materials for Skill Level-Up Fusion. Power-Up Fusion may still be used to select monsters that have an MP value of 3,000 or higher as Skill Level-Up materials.

+ Enhance

Players are able to set their + Points onto their monsters through this screen. Select a monster that you would like to set + Points onto and then select the number of + Points you would like to apply.


The number of TAMADRA a player currently possesses is displayed on the Awakening button in the Monster Enhancements menu. After selecting a monster, players can select the number of Awoken Skills they would like to unlock by clicking the Awakening Skill icons.

Players can unlock as many Awoken Skills as they would like in sequence, but specific Awoken Skills cannot be selected individually.

*Fusing TAMADRA through the Awakening screen in the Monster Enhancements menu will not consume any coins or grant the monster EXP. *The Awakening function within the Monster Enhancements menu is only applicable for unlocking Awoken Skills using TAMADRA. Unlocking Awoken Skills using King TAMADRA or other special monsters must be done via Power-Up Fusion.

Latent Awakening

After selecting a Base Monster and tapping “Select Latent TAMADRA”, Latent TAMADRA that can be fused to the selected Base Monster will be displayed.

Level Limit Breakthrough

Monsters that are able to perform a Level Limit Breakthrough will be displayed. After selecting a Base Monster, players can select a Super Snow Globe Dragon to perform a Level Limit Breakthrough.

Super Awakening

Monsters that are able to perform a Super Awakening will be displayed. *Monsters that have already performed a Super Awakening will have the unlocked Super Awakening icon displayed in their thumbnail.

Players may select a monster and add + Points to commence a Super Awakening.

Evolution Materials Changed for Select Monsters

After the Ver.15.0 update, select Descended Dungeon boss monsters and other monsters necessary for select monster evolutions will be able to become Gems. Gems are stackable Evo Materials.

*Various types of Gems have been added to the game.

For more details regarding the materials needed to evolve each monster, players can check the Evolution/Ultimate Evolution screen from the Monster menu and selecting the Monster.

Upon selecting the monster for evolution, the necessary Evo Materials will be displayed.

If a player does not possess the necessary Gem, tapping on the thumbnail will allow players to move to the Monster Exchange.

Select Descended Dungeon monsters can be traded at the Monster Exchange for Gems. One monster can be traded for one Gem in the Evo or Rare Evo tab of the Monster Exchange.

Awaken Material Monsters Now Stackable

Awaken Material Monsters such as TAMADRA and various Latent TAMADRA are now stackable.

*If a Latent Awakening had been attached to a monster that became stackable in this update, it will be automatically removed from that monster after the update and placed in the Monster Box as a Latent TAMADRA. *Awakening Material monsters cannot be chosen as Base Monsters for Power-Up Fusion.

Some of Baby TAMADRA’s stats have been changed. 2 Baby TAMADRA can now be exchanged for 1 TAMADRA at the Monster Exchange.

*Baby TAMADRA can no longer evolve into TAMADRA.

Monster Exchange Lineup Adjustments With the addition of Gems, the lineup in the Evo tab of the Monster Exchange has been adjusted.

  • The number of Monsters required for exchange has been reduced from 3 to 2.

  • The following Monsters have been removed from the lineup.

Keeper of Rainbow Keeper of Gold Dragon Fruit Red Dragon Fruit Blue Dragon Fruit Green Dragon Fruit Dub-mythlit Angelit Devilit Mystic Mask Ancient Blue Sacred Mask Ancient Green Sacred Mask Jewel of Fire Jewel of Water Jewel of Wood Jewel of Light Jewel of Darkness

Multiplayer Mode Combo Skip Settings Upon entering a dungeon in Multiplayer Mode, Combo Skip will be turned on automatically. *If a player is returned to 1 Player Mode, their Options settings will be reflected.

Filter Function Added to the Monster Exchange A Filter feature has been added to the Monster Exchange screen. This feature allows players to filter the lineup.

Monster Details Viewable from the Egg Machine Lineup

Upon tapping the “Lineup” button on an Egg Machine banner, players can now tap monster names from the Lineup page and view that monster’s details.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.

Notes: *All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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