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Ver. 16.2 Update!

Ver. 16.2 has arrived, and it brings stackable Enhance Materials, new Ultimate Evolutions, UI adjustments, and more!

New Ultimate Evolutions & Upgrades

Protecting Vials Steel Star Goddess, Scheat has received a new Ultimate Evolution! Awoken Sanada Yukimura, Awoken Ishida Mitsunari, Awoken Maeda Keiji, and Awoken Alrescha have received Reincarnation Evolutions! Select monsters receive upgrades as well.

See here for more details on New Ultimate Evolutions & Upgrades.

Stackable Enhance Materials

Enhance Material monsters have become stackable in the Monster Box.

*Any + values on Enhance Material monsters that have been stacked will be added to the player’s + Points.

*Select Enhance Material monsters that can Level Up or Evolve such as Poring, Pengdra, Moltra, and REMDra will not be stacked.

Snow Globe Dragon & Present Egg Changes

1. The Max Level for all Snow Globe Dragons such as Snow Globe Dragon Rouge will be changed from Lv. 50 (Max) to Lv. 1 (Max).

*The amount of Monster EXP earned in Power-Up Fusion will be the same Monster EXP as a Lv. 50 (Max) Snow Globe Dragon.

2. Present Eggs have been changed to Lil' Snow Globe Dragons.

The names and the images for Present Eggs will be changed to 5 different Lil' Snow Globe Dragons, one for each Attribute.

The amount of Monster EXP earned by fusing a Lil' Snow Globe Dragon will be half of the Monster EXP a Snow Globe Dragon produces.

*Lil' Snow Globe Dragons cannot evolve into a Snow Globe Dragons.

*Present Eggs will be changed to Lil' Snow Globe Dragons after the 1/23 (Wed) maintenance and will no longer be able to evolve into Snow Globe Dragons.

Kingtan and Tan Changes

Players will now be able to exchange 5 Tans of the same Attribute for 1 Kingtan of the same Attribute at the Monster Exchange.

*After the update, Tans will not be able to evolve into Kingtans.

New Functions and Adjustments to the Edit Team Screen

Copy Team Function Added

Players can copy their currently selected Team by tapping the gear icon on the top right of the Edit Team screen and selecting Copy Team.

1. Select the Team that you would like to copy, then tap the gear icon, and select Copy Team.

2. Select a Team to overwrite with the copied Team and select OK.

Team Info Display Adjustments

Skill Boost and Move Time have been added to Team Info.

The order of Awoken Skills has been adjusted as well.

Skill Boost

The total number of Skill Boosts from Awoken Skills (Skill Boost/Skill Boost+) and the Awoken Badge will be displayed.

Move Time The total Orb movement time including the base time (5 Seconds), Awoken Skills (Extend Time/Extended Move Time+), Latent Awakening Skills (Ext. Move Time/Ext. Move Time+), and the Awoken Badge will be displayed.

Prioritize Team Feature Added to Change Order

By checking the Prioritize Team box in the Change Order menu, the monsters that are on the currently selected Team will be displayed at the top of the Monster Box.

*With the Prioritize Team feature added, the In Use button on the Sort menu has been removed.

Switch Teams by Tapping the Circles on the Edit Team Screen

Players can now switch teams by tapping the circles displayed on the bottom of the team brackets in the Edit Team screen and Enter Dungeon screen.

For example: By tapping the 5th circle from the left will switch to the 5th Team.

Assist Adjustments

By selecting a Base Monster from the Manage Assists screen and then selecting a monster that is currently Assisting a different Base Monster, players can now remove and replace an Assist Monster onto a different Base Monster.

Monster Exchange Changes

The tabs for the Monster Exchange screen have been changed to Event, Collab, Gem, and Enhance.

*Select monsters from the Evo and Rare Evo tab will be added to the MP Shop.

See here for more details on MP Shop lineup.

Dungeon Display Adjustments

Changes to Displayed Monster Drops in Dungeons

Monsters that drop from each dungeon floor will be displayed as a question mark if a player has never entered the dungeon before.

*All monsters that will drop from all floors in that dungeon will be displayed after a player has entered a single dungeon floor.

*All Normal Dungeons, Technical Dungeons in the Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 tabs, and Special Dungeons in the Bonus tab will not be affected by this.

NEW Tab Added to Dungeon Categories

A NEW tab has been added to the Special Dungeons and 2-Player Mode screens.

Dungeons with a NEW icon will be displayed in this tab.

*Once the dungeon has been entered and the NEW icon disappears from the dungeon button, the dungeon will no longer be displayed in the NEW tab.

NEW Icon Display Changes

The NEW icon on the dungeon button will disappear if a player enters any of the floors in a dungeon.

2-Player Multiplayer Mode Changes

The Score Attack Dungeon in the 2-Player tab on the 2-Player Multiplayer screen has been discontinued. Additionally, select 2-Player dungeons such as Ultimate Yamato Rush! will be added to the Technical tab.

[L] Increased Attack Awoken Skill Adjustments

When activating the [L] Increased Attack Awoken Skill, it will remove the effect of locked Orbs dropping more frequently as well as increasing ATK and unlocking the Orbs currently on the board.

Select Awoken Skill Adjustments

The effects for Imp. RCV, Imp. RCV+, and Imp. All Stats Latent Awakening Skills have been increased.

Monster Enhancements Adjustments

The number of Super Snow Globe Dragons will be displayed on the Level Limit Breakthrough button from the Monster Menu > Monster Enhancements.

Also, after tapping the Level Limit Breakthrough button and selecting a monster to perform a Level Limit Breakthrough on, players will not need to select a Super Snow Globe Dragon in order proceed with the Level Limit Breakthrough.

Ranking Dungeon Ranking Screen Changes

Players can now hide the UI by tapping the top portion of the screen in the Ranking Dungeon Current Ranking screen.

Example: Tapping the red bracket section will hide the UI

Color Blind Mode Support for Orb Skins

Color Blind Mode now supports Orb Skins! Players can turn the function on from Others, Options, Dungeon, and Color Blind Mode.

*The image below is an example of an Orb Skin when Color Blind Mode is turned on.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements

Changes to select monster drops, bug fixes, and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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