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Ver.18.2 Update

Version 18.2 has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons!

A new chapter of the Story Dungeon, new Achievements, and new Awoken Badges have been added! Additionally, there are new Evolutions, and changes to the maximum Monster Box and Friend List sizes! Read ahead for all the details.

Ver. 18.2 Update is accompanied by 8 Player Bonuses Reset!

For more details about the Reset, see here:

New Story Dungeon Chapter! Odin’s Chapter has been added to the Story Dungeon menu! Travel through tales featuring beloved Puzzle & Dragons monsters based on Norse mythology while matching puzzles!

Players that clear Odin’s Chapter for the first time will receive 1000 TAMADRA, a brand-new Evo Material, a powerful boss monster drop, and more!

*Story Dungeons are available after reaching Rank 20. *Odin’s Chapter unlocks after clearing Sonia’s Chapter Story Dungeon. *The Story Skip option can be found under Others > Options > System menu. Toggling this option on will allow you to skip past the story for any floors that you have already cleared.

New Evolution Forms and Upgrades for Select Monsters!

With the introduction of Story Dungeon, Awoken Odin has received a new Ultimate Evolution! Also, various monsters who appeared in Odin’s Chapter have also received upgrades!

See what upgrades they received by playing through Odin’s Chapter in the Story Dungeon!

*Please try restarting the app if the images are not displaying correctly.

10 Magic Stones + Odin Egg Machine Bundle Available for a Limited Time! [Duration]: After maintenance beginning on 3/25 (Wed) - 4/6 (Mon), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

To celebrate the release of Odin’s Chapter of the Story Dungeon, the 10 Magic Stones + Odin Egg Machine Bundle will be available for a limited time for $9.99 (USD)! Anyone that pulls the Odin Egg Machine is guaranteed to receive Odin.

Additionally, players who clear Odin’s Chapter will earn necessary Evolution Material for Awoken Odin’s new Ultimate Evolution!

Notes: *The bundle can only be purchased once per ID during this period. *When purchasing the bundle it will be displayed as “10 Magic Stones & Set A”. *If an unexpected occurrence happens and a user purchases the bundle a second time, the second purchase will only give the user the Magic Stones. New Awoken Badges & Awoken Badge Upgrades

Awoken Badges Added in Ver.18.2

Awoken Badges Upgraded in Ver.18.2

  • Cost +100 badge has been changed to Cost ∞ badge.

*When equipping this Awoken Badge to a team, the team’s maximum cost will become unlimited. *If a dungeon has a special team cost rule, that will take precedence over the Unlimited Max Team Cost Awoken Badge *Players who have already unlocked the Max Team Cost +100 Awoken Badge will have their Awoken Badge changed to the Unlimited Max Team Cost badge after the update to Ver.18.2 *Following the Ver.18.2 Update, players who clear the Tutorial will unlock Unlimited Max Team Cost Awoken Badge by going to the Edit Teams screen under the Monster tab. New Categories added to the Maniacs Achievements

New Categories

*The Total Latent Awoken Skills Achievement is determined by the total number of Latent Awoken Skills on monsters in your Monster Box. *Total Reincarnated Monsters and Total Super Reincarnated Monsters Achievements are determined by the number of Reincarnated and Super Reincarnated Monsters you have in your Monster Box.

*Achievement progress is updated when you enter the Achievements menu. Please take note that selling, fusing, or exchanging monsters that count towards completing your Achievements prior to claiming your Achievement Rewards will impact your Achievement progress.

*Latent Awoken Skills that use two Latent Awoken Skill slots, such as Latent TAMADRA (God Killer) are counted as one (1) Latent Awoken Skill. *These Achievements will show as cleared to players who have already met the conditions for said Achievements prior to the Ver.18.2 update.

Achievement Changes

  • The Achievement Reward for clearing all Degree of Difficulty > Novice Achievements has been changed from the Max Team Cost +100 Awoken Badge to a Super Snow Globe Dragon. *Players who have already received their Max Team Cost +100 Awoken Badge will be able to receive this updated reward again.

New Super Reincarnated Evolution

With the Ver.18.2 Update, Reincarnated Freyja can be involved into her new Super Reincarnated form!

One of her Evo Materials can be obtained from the new dungeon, Vidar Descended-Assists Invalid! For more details on this challenging new descended dungeon, see here:

Maximum Monster Box size increased The maximum Monster Box size has been increased from 7,000 to 8,000.

*Players can use 1 Magic Stone to add 5 spaces to their Monster Box.

Maximum number of Friend List slots increased The maximum number of Friends a player can have has been increased from 300 to 400.

*Players can use 1 Magic Stone to add 5 slots to their Friend List.

Certain Monster Skills have had their effects changed Skills that void Damage Absorption and skills that void Attribute Absorption now can have their effects active at the same time.

Monster Search can be used in more places Monsters can be searched by their name in more places as of this update!

  • Monsters can be searched for in Monster Exchange

  • Friend Helpers can be searched for when entering a dungeon

Android and Kindle Changes

  • In-game sounds will follow the “Media Volume” setting, and play even when the device is in “Silent Mode”

  • The “Visual Effects” option has been added to the Process Reduction menu under Others > Options. Setting this to “OFF” will turn off select visual effects while in a Dungeon and help improve game performance.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.

Sign in with Apple added to iOS devices *Requires iOS 13.0 or later Players playing on iOS devices can now link their ID using Sign in with Apple! Head to [Others] > [Device Change/Social Media Linking] to link your account with your Apple ID to make sure you don’t lose your account! For more details on how to use Sign in with Apple, see here:

*When game data is linked to Facebook or through Sign in with Apple for the first time, 10 Magic Stones will be sent via in-game mail as a special reward. *You will not be eligible for the 10 Magic Stone special reward if you have previously linked your game data through Facebook.

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